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A-Bomb's Miss Kiss Rocks It!

Plurk should definitely be on the tactics list for anyone planning to conquer the world. It is an idea to action place like no other. For example, the recent Blogger Appreciation Week mushroomed into such an extravaganza in part because plurk is so good an spreading ideas and information into ever-expanding circles and networks. It also can be the catalyst for amazing spurts of creativity and then fun things like this fabulous dress can happen. You see, yesterday I expressed an inappropriate level of lust for a dress worn by Dita van Teese at DSquared.  Plurkista Lavea Alter of A-Bomb ventured a stab at translating it into the virtual world and you see the result above. She even volunteered to pose for this shoot and that is her rocking the Dita look on the right.

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Minnetonka Mocs

When I saw these moccasins at Sixty-Nine I was immediately reminded of my childhood and the wondrous Minnetonka Moccasins that were ubiquitous at every Minnesota tourist attraction in the state.  I coveted a pair so much, but my parents would never spring for something so impractical and so I never had a pair of moccasins. Until yesterday when I stopped at Sixty-Nine and saw these and bought my first moccasins ever. They are every bit as comfortable as I imagined.  I also immediately googled Minnetonka and lo, they are still making moccasins and I can get a pair like these for $75 so I just might be getting myself moccasins for a Christmas present in real life too. Though my inner practical self says no.

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Another of the radically different and interesting skins my friend Hatchy has made is this Neko skin with hand-drawn fur covering the entire body. The first time she gave me a skin of this design, before she had completed all of it, she forgot to tell me what it was, so I kept waiting for it to finish rezzing.  I thought it would be fun to style an outfit for this skin – but not necessarily to make it Neko.  Indeed, my choice right off the top was the very un-Neko Baiastice. Continue reading

Starry Night Romance

Lady Thera's Starry Night

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

My partner and I had a date last night and since he has been away for a week, i wanted a special dress and know he always likes my dresses from Art & Fashion. I knew he would love this one because he was going to get if for me for my birthday, but i had already purchased it.

If you don’t know Lady Thera Taurog’s work, you are in for a treat. Taking inspiration from great artist like Van Gogh, as in this dress, but also Monet, Cezanne, Magritte and Kandisky to name just a few, Lady Thera creates incredible fabrics by reimagining some of their great works. A lesser artist might clone stamp selections of the original art, but if you look at this dress or any of her others, you can see that she recreates the work – in new and beautiful homages to the original.

Now I have never asked her, but I assume Lady Thera likes to dance because she designs ideal dresses for dancing. The flexi-prims are soft and flowing, generously distributed and spaced artfully to give discreet flashes of thigh while you dance. Her dresses are designed with such craft that they retain their flow and soft romantic feeling while you dance.

The dress comes with an alternate top for more casual wear and with gloved sleeves as well. I combined it with dark blue shoes from Aphrodite Creations to match the dark blue in the bodice and a pair of long dangling earrings from Untone.

You can see more photos of the dress at my Flickr. Closer snap of the bodice and earrings as well as style notes after the jump.

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Pochette's Autumn Skirt


Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook.

I just love this outfit. I like casual but feminine and this fits the bill. I love the autumn color palette and most of all, I love skirts that fit perfectly. I don’t know how she does it, but the skirt is so perfect, no little butt bubbles in the back. Don’t you just hate butt bubbles? Additionally, the belt is aligned as though custom made for my shape. I am in love. More photos on my Flickr

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untone's nitmantea

Cute Dress

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Sometimes a dress is so unique, chic and adorable that I find myself putting extra effort into choosing accessories for it. Nitmantea by Untone is just such a dress. First, the fabric texture has to be seen to be believed. My photos cannot do it justice. Its soft and cuddly knitting is comforting to wear, but it also give the baby doll the weight to make it hang flatteringly.  Something this adorable needs shoes that really show it off and that where the Artemys boots from NAIMA come in. And guess what, you can bend your knee and the boots still look wonderful. But I think the topper is the Ghost stockings that seem to tie everything together.

Looking so chic, I planned to stroll down Madison Ave and strut my stuff among the modeling and style greats…but my timing must have been off, the streets of New York City were empty. At least there were no tumbleweeds.

Shape by hatchy, Skin: Amy by RaC, Hair: TFH26 by Boon, Dress: Caramel Milk Nitmantea by untone, Stockings: Prison Stripes by Ghost; Boots: Artemys by Naima

Photographer & Model: Cajsa Lilliehook
Shape by hatchy, Skin: Amy by RaC, Hair: TFH26 by Boon, Dress: Caramel Milk Nitmantea by untone, Stockings: Prison Stripes by Ghost; Boots: Artemys by Naima