Ethereal Fangitude

I always have the best time styling Blueblood releases. I probably take longer on them than almost anyone, because I am always trying to Barbie-doll them to be ironic or step out of my pink Mattel box and take them in a different direction than my comfort zone requires.

Just as I can rave about how Sascha Frangilli gives me oodles of options in my ballgowns (just see previous posts from me AND Cajsa- raving is aplenty) Ghanima Uriza (my favorite Uriza cousin)rocks my world as far as styling options for her releases. I’d be hard pressed to really shoot them all.

Yes. I Bite.

Style Notes:
***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Exile – Adam – Blueberry R
  • Eyes – Pixel Creations – Glow Eyes – Fate
  • Skin – ElfPyre – Queens of Rot -Anemic + Glam in the Grime
  • jewelry – GANKED – Suri – Peacock Earrings R
  • Clothes – Blueblood – Ethereal in Blue & Green R
  • Shoes – GOS – 8 hole Docs

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