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I have such a hard time remembering hisw to spell Loovus Dzevavor. Thankfully, Google autocomplete finishes it for me. I had a hard time, too, choosing just one of the delightful outfits from the Fall Winter Collection that was released for Penumbra Fashion Week. You can take a peek at a few others on the Loovus web site. I chose the wrap-up top and skirt because I love the inset triangles and how they highlight the curves of my hip. It’s a single mesh piece, but it feel like separates. There are two other versions of this outfit at Penumbra with the same top but different color skirts – brilliant and bold. Continue reading

Think of All the Stories That We Could Have Told


The ottoman is a pose prop from Lost Angel for Pose Fair. The shopping bags come with the ottoman.

One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told
One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think of all the stories that we could have told

One Day Reckoning by Asaf Avidan


We aren’t old yet; and there’s no reason not to tell our stories now. I think one way we tell our stories is through fashion. What we wear signifies so much about us. as we walk down the street, complete strangers can learn how daring or conventional we are, how flashy or restrained, how forward-looking or how nostalgic. Of course, that is an incomplete picture since we can wear something avant garde one day and something waiflike the next. After all, we contain multitudes.

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A Piece of Cake


I guess one way for diabetics to have their cake is in the form of a dress like this colorful confection from CheerNo. It comes in all all the bright flavorful colors, blue, pink, yellow, purple, red and green. I went for green because that bright green looks like it could power the universe. Made of a simple sleeveless bodice with four flounces of color for a skirt in three shades of cake frosting and one layer of black on top, it’s like a very, very, very dark chocolate with three flavors of frosting. It looks delicious.


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Pose Appreciation: Status

PicMonkey Collage2

Pose Appreciation Week is winding down and I hope all the bloggers highlighting the role of poses in their work have succeeded in their goal in highlighting the many good and great posers in Second Life. I could not participate in Pose Appreciation Week without highlighting Status Poses from Gidge. This is a new set from Status that has not even been released yet, though it will be available on Marketplace very soon. One of the reasons I love Status poses is the commitment to story-telling in Gidge’s work. Her poses are narrative poses, conveying mood, activity and drama. Many are snaps in mid-step, in the process of turning. While she does provide some of the standard fashion pose sets, her real passion is for slice-of-life poses. If you want a pose to tell a story, Status is the place to start looking first.


My dress is from Loovus Dzevavor and with the bold print, color-blocking, and the sleeveless shift shape, it channels the style of 1960s Carnaby Street in London. It’s available in several bold prints and colors.

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Black and White Challenge


Thanks to Maci Restless and IOF’s own Hybie, there is a fun new blogger challenge that I hope gets lots of bloggers involved. While the rules allow for a simply desaturating the colors, I decided to go full black and white and began my challenge by focusing on black and white in my outfit and setting. The dress is one of six options from DCNY for the My Attic Shaken, Not Stirred discount room at The Deck. I chose the black and white Gin dress and clutch. The dress comes with your choice of the traditional crotch flap or a mesh prim skirt, so Viewer 2 or 3 users will be happy. The clutch comes with a relaxed or bent elbow pose for each hand – four options so you don’t have to do a lot of editing to get what you want.


I shot the pictures in the white on white Escher prop from Bent! Although it was created for Vintage Fair, it should be in the store now that the fair is over. It’s a fun pose with 22 poses in the menu and very easy to edit. It’s also modifiable, so you can tint it – though I think it gets its visual power from being white on white and the interplay of that white with the shadows.

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Projectors Made Easy as 123

BAIASTICE @ Vintage Fair

Since Gidge and I have been playing with projectors lately, a few people have checked out the tutorials and asked a few questions about how to do it. So Gidge got the great idea of setting up a pose box with the projector and light leak texture built right in along with some poses situated in the sweet spot where the projectors come together. Thus the Status Dual Projector Box 1.0 was born. It makes taking fun pictures as easy as 123. But first, let’s take a look at this gorgeous top and skirt from Baiastice for Vintage Fair. It comes in several colors and you can put the same color top and skirt together to look more like a dress, but I love hot pink and lime – they are just the perfect expression of summer. I love the easy style of the top and skirt with the great details that make it special, like the inset belt and the soft pleating at the hem of the skirt.

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Don’t You Mess with the Messer

Vintage Fair - Loovus Dzevaror

This stunning gown from Loovus Dzevavor for Vintage Fair is another of those gowns that I can imagine being worn by one of the great singers, singing songs of passion and power. Perhaps even that old, old blues wonder, Don’t Mess with the Messer

I’m gonna cross the crosser
I’m gonna cheat the cheater
I’m gonna use the user
and then beat the beater
You can’t mess with the messer
The messer gonna mess with you

Vintage Fair - Loovus Dzevaror

I have not had space to rez my old house from Y’s House in ages, but I do now so I have pulled it out of my inventory and decided to snap some pictures before I furnished.

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The Eighties Are Vintage, Too


Vintage is such a flexible word. When you watch the red carpet and a dress is described as vintage Versace or Galliano, it could be as little as two seasons old. In general, though, vintage means clothing that’s 25 years old or older which takes us back to 1987 – the year the Speedo became the most fashionable swimsuit and big, bold graphic shirts over leggings were ubiquitous. So were bright colors and lots of embellisment. This top from Loovus Dzevavor’s clothing label LD Major screamed 80s to me, so I dug out some leather leggings from Peqe and decided to get physical.

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