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Confessions: Greed


I loved the picture from my logout screen and decided to use it instead of the picture I took.

It is serendipitous that the same week that PXL Creations releases a Seven Sins Gacha skin that Buckcherry released their new album Confessions featuring the Seven Sins. The album was released today, though I listened to a preview after reading about it in Rolling Stone earlier this week. The idea of putting the skins and the album songs together was irresistible. So, for the Greed skin from PXL, here’s the Greed song from Buckcherry.

I’ve lost my place in line. I don’t wanna cause trouble,
But I’m here to get mine.
So if you could, would you kindly move?
I’ll only ask you one time, cause I’m gonna get through.
I don’t need anybody else,
I’m not afraid to take a risk, I don’t practice good health.
I don’t pray and I don’t rely
On the lawmakers telling me what’s a crime.


The Greed skin has a bold gold lip and eye shadow.

I don’t care who I have to trample,
I don’t care, cause I want it bad.
The consequences ain’t no fucking matter,
Greed is the answer, everyone’s going mad.
Taking everything you can,
Stealing right from your hand,
When you’re gonna make a stand?
Cause greed will drive you mad.

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