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08/06/2018 – Vintage Fair – Part 3

Today’s the day! Vintage Fair opens at noon SLT, and will stay open until the 24th. Please keep in mind your avatar complexity must remain under 50K, otherwise you’ll automatically get booted. My advice? Detach all, wear a full alpha layer and only that, complexity : 0. Makes the event easier to experience, not only for you, but for everyone else too. You can also derender other people : world -> show friends only.

I’m wearing a skin from ND/MD, that wasn’t originally designed for LeLutka heads, but for Catwa, but I liked the look on the picture, and it includes Omega appliers so I tried it on. It looks amazing, except for the mouth that doesn’t look good at all. But I was able to fix that easily with one of Izzie’s nude lipsticks. I highly recommend trying a demo, but this skin is really worth it.

Credits :

  • Body : Maitreya – Lara
  • Head : LeLutka – Simone
  • Lipstick : Izzie’s – Natural Lipstick applier
  • Hair : Lamb – Destiny (group gift available in store)

Exclusively at Vintage Fair :

  • Necklace : Nanika – Elle Necklace
  • Eyes : Banana Banshee – Lenora – 4
  • Shoes : G&D – Odyssey Sandals
  • Gown : The Crystal Clothing Co. – Margaret – Ruby
  • Skin : ND/MD – Suzu – Pale
  • Poses : An Lar – The Jacinda series

Picture taken at Backdrop City

The Owl and the Pussycat

15 Jun 01
The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea
In a beautiful What’s Next boat, 
It took some honey and plenty of money
To play all the gachas in their wishlist note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above
and sang with a small guitar.
O love Arcade, O Arcade my love.
What a beautiful Arcade you are,
you are, you are.
What a beautiful Arcade you are.
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Imagine If Jane Austen Got Angry


This Spring session of The Arcade has one of the most exciting Arcade sets of all time. For once, it’s a good thing to get lots of commons while seeking your rare. You will need several pieces of the common wall to surround your manor house with a beautiful courtyard. Anyway, it’s just an extraordinarily complete collection with 2 houses, an outbuilding, landscaping and interior furnishing, even a well and a wooden cart. 


Yesterday was World Book Day. That, combined with the wonderful Primavera in Toscana set from 8f8 at The Arcade got me thinking about my favorite books of the past year.  What rose to the top was Elena Ferrante’s magnificent Neapolitan novels. Now, the novels mainly take place in a poor neighborhood in Naples, not in a rich manor home in Tuscany, but know, we Americans are supposed to think there is no difference, right?

Actually, the wall reminds me so much of the wall surrounding the Spanish military base where I was living with a Spanish family while attending my senior year in Algeciras, Spain. The one difference is that the wall in Spain had flowers on the top, trailing down the white walls. There were always two guards outside with a sign “Todo por la patria” on the wall next to the guard station. Can you imagine an American military base with a wall covered with flowers?


I love the contradictions in this dress and coat from NYU. NYU specializes in minimalist design, the aesthetic beauty of a dress and coat coming from the lines and forms of the clothing, not from embellishment or patterns. The dress has this severe post-war austerity except that slit on the skirt is thoroughly modern and not the least bit austere.

John Freeman of The Australian wrote of Elena Ferrante, “Imagine if Jane Austen Got Angry.” The Neapolitan novels tell the story of two women, from their childhood to adulthood. There is a lot of anger in her novels, but also humor and love. They seem so raw and honest, as though the author cannibalized her life to tell the story, though we cannot know as Elena Ferrante is very private. Still, the narrator in this Neapolitan tetralogy is named Elena and plans to be a writer. In terms of the usual publicity authors relentlessly pursue, she said she did all she needed to do for her book, she wrote it. I love that!
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The Angel is in the Details


They say the devil is in the details, but there is nothing devilish about this dress.

When Pixicat shared this dress as a Work In Progess on Plurk, I knew I had to have it. The details were so carefully wrought that anyone who loves great craftsmanship would admire the dress, whether it is their personal style or not. A lot of thought went into the design in ways to allow you to wear it as you please. For example, it comes with or without the white blouse, there’s a detachable bow you can opt to leave off, as I did. And then the lacy overskirt can be worn, as I did, or left off, as Gidge did in the previous post. On top of that, the lace overskirt it tintable so you could color it anything your heart desires.

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Merry Christmas, Alea Lamont!


Alea Lamont was the first blog reader to volunteer to be a Guest Stylist. We are highlighting our readers for Christmas, so hope you aren’t too shy and contact one of us to ask for a shoot. You can also ask in comments, but make sure you have your correct avatar name. The details are here or here. Alea is every inch a Snow Angel in this amazing confection from EMO-tions. With such a heavenly look, I had to shoot her in her natural element – the clouds.


And the moon rose just to have a look for itself, that’s how lovely she looks with the dress, the Fa(u)ntasy wings and the beautiful hair.
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I Was All Aglow


BFour years ago, I went to ND/MD Skins and Shapes where I purchased an Angelina Jolie look-alike skin and shape and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike shape in preparation for Halloween parties. I was a noob and I was thrilled that the store owner was in the store. She chatted with me and tp’ed in her partner Moonlay Laval to say hi as well. Alea gave me lots of advice on how to put together my Tomb Raider look and taught me one of the most valuable skills I ever learned in Second Life – tinting hair to get the color I want. I still do it all the time and often think of her when I am fussing with my hair. She invited me to be her friend and became the very first creator on my friend’s list. If you remember you noob days, you know how over the moon I was.

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A drow's life

The life of a drow is a lonely one, the life of a cyber drow is even more lonely.
Descending from the mythological race of dark elves who used to live in the Underworld, they have been mutated via magic and were kinda reborn in the cyber era.
It’s a jungle out there – a cyber one, but still a jungle – and all the creatures living in this world better be ready. Even the drows, these dark creatures which are said to be evil. Maybe they have to.

A drow's life

Drows move silently and with a graceful quickness, blending into shadows with ease.They belong to the night, to the darkness.


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My Costume Last Year

I have a deep admiration for Angelina Jolie – an actress who invests tremendous energy and time in aiding the most vulnerable, the refugees who are homeless, stateless and often forgotten. And I also love the Tomb Raider computer game and the movies. So what better choice for my first Halloween in Second Life than to come as Lara Croft?

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