The Dress I Did Wear… or not a hot mess after all

Okay, so my viewer came back to life today and my clothes rezzed when I signed on. Nope, it was not a hot mess so as promised, this is the outfit I wore to the One Year Anniversary of MDR Photo Studio. Well, no one said it was formal dress.

Now that I see it, I totally remember it. It’s a lovely sweatshirt with a hoody (it comes with several hoody options including several hair colors), socks, leg warmers (not worn) and a luscious pouf skirt in peach. It from this store that was new to me. I was looking for the shop Acetone and while hunting around in the shopping town where Acetone is I wandered into Rebel Xtravaganza and fell for this outfit. It also comes in blue and pink and it took me so long to decide which color to get that I never did make it to Acetone.

I am wearing EArthStones earrings and the Mandy hair from Muism. If I could have seen what I was wearing, I might have put on the coral earrings from Swallowtail, but luckily for me, the amber earrings work perfectly well with the outfit. The skin is from Wasabi Pills – a review package I was sent that i had been checking out before I logged out last. I didn’t even think to check what skin I was wearing but happily, it’s a lovely skin and the makeup really suits the outfit amazingly well considering I didn’t see it with the outfit until this morning.I really like the fresh, just been outside healthy glow to this complexion.

Anyway, it’s not really what you wear but whether folks enjoy themselves and I think they did. We had lots of friends show up and it was wonderful seeing their grey forms, chatting, dancing and joking with them.

Actually I did see an ocassional prim or article of clothing. Abraxxa from EarthStones who made these earrings came and I coudl see the gold chain around her neck – not the stones and pendant, just the chain…. but it’s a soon to be released upcoming necklace so isn’t it perfect that I could only see the chain?  Pielady Smalls was there (you must look at her profile so you can see  what galleries her art is showing in now) and I heard people say her gown was gorgeous several times so I kept zooming… and I did see that she had truly amazing glitch pants. However, the most perfect tease was Codie who was all gray except one swirling drape prim in brilliant scarlet. See, even when SL doesn’t work right, it still offers lovely gifts.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio

****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Wasabi Pills, Miss Friday cookie – Golden Madness
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Muism Mandy
  • Outfit: Rebel Xtravaganza Liquid Flower Black/Peach
  • Shoes: Yabusaka Shoe 01
  • Gloves: Rebel Xtravaganza Stripey Set Earth
  • Eaerrings: EarthStones Sylvan Earrings Amber


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