I've Been Harperized

While reading the blogs yesterday, I read my friend Harper Ganesvoort‘s marvelous overview of Tukinowaguma hair. I already had hair from there, but her post was still a revelation – of how long its been since I went there and how much the hair has developed and improved. The first place I went after signing in was straight to Tukinowaguma Main Store – and was stunned by all the irresistible options. This one – Pincushion – jumped right into my inventory. Now, the vendor pictures showed no red hair options and I figured I would be tinting, but this is color-change scripted so I only had to click on the hair, the red button and test the many, many red options.

But…I would not say I was Harperized if it were only one thing. You see, I signed in this morning and surprise, surprise Harper had gifted me a lovely, wonderful and sexy dress from Clio. I should point out that Harper is not associated with Clio other than as a customer who gave this lovely gown as a gift. Of course, I had to try it on immediately.

Now that’s Harperized! Oh my, that Pincushion hair is made for back shots. And isn’t the train on this dress magnificent?

Sabina is a fabulous silk dress with magnificent silver embroidery around the hem. It has an elegant simplicity that is the hallmark of a confident designer. Look at the exquisite texturing on the torso to get an idea of the thought and skill that went into this gown. And aren’t slide slits sexy, especially when they show off gorgeous shoes like the Babii pumps from Adam N Eve?

I added the stunning jewelry set from Yabusaka with the somewhat confusing name Yabusaka 10 Set Sai. You cannot see it in the photos, but the blue stones have slowly swirling textures which I am sure makes this some of the most lagtastic jewelry in the metaverse, but it’s not the least bit blingy, it’s just slightly hypnotic.

And then, in a moment of utter serendipity, I took a look at the new Chai demo skin. On of the truly clever things Launa Fauna of LF Fashion (Chai skins) does with her subscriber group is send out the skin demos so you can try them on at home – so you can buy her skins in one trip, not two. Smart, isn’t it? Well, this new makeup was made for the dress, so even though I was already in the photosphere and ready to shoot, I just had to pop over the LF Fashion and get the new Stardust makeup.

***STYLE NOTES******
There are no promotional items in this outfit.

  • Poses: Reel Expression
  • Skin: LF Chai Double Shot Stardust
  • Eyes: Poetic Color Night Forest
  • Lashes: CyberNetic
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Pincushion (colorscripted)
  • Dress: Clio Sabina
  • Shoes: Adam N Eve Babii Azure
  • Jewelry: Yabusaka 10 Set Sai

4 thoughts on “I've Been Harperized

  1. Gidge Uriza

    GIRL I have that dress in two other colors to blog.
    It’s gonna be a Clio lovefest around here…..

    and, well there are worse things than being Harperized for sure!

  2. Harper

    Gee, thanks, both of you, Cajsa and Gidge! I got up this morning, and found the pingback to my blog waiting for me, both from here and iheartsl. When I read this, I was flabbergasted and honored.

    That look is definitely great on you, Cajsa, and I’m glad you like it. And it looks like I have a new jewelry store to patronize; thanks for the tip on Yabusaka.

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