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What's Black and White and Re(a)d All Over?


I like red, white and black – or shades of gray and red. When I put this outfit together, for some reason that childhood riddle popped into my head. If for some reason, you don’t know the answer, it’s a newspaper. I wonder if the internet will make that riddle obsolete? Anyway, I am black and white and red all over with this outfit made with pieces from Peqe’s summer and Christmas collection and a sweater from Alexohol. The sweater is lovely and I love the quirky irregularity of the buttons that remind me of when I have sewn on buttons. The top is from Peqe’s Christmas release and I love it with the flared pants from Summer.
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Relaxing on 12th Night

I didn’t really do much for 12th Night other than take down Christmas decorations and roll around the the grid looking for things I didn’t need. One of my favorite new acquisitions are these mesh boots from Lassitude & Ennui that Achariya just showed off in another color here.

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