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In the Desert


I could never live in the desert. It is not just that I do not like heat, but also that my psyche needs green. I discovered this after I moved to Montana for a time to help my sister. I was unaccountably depressed while I was there, sleeping much more than usual, lethargic, weepy and not at all my usual self.

Then I decided to take my nephew on a college tour back to Minnesota. When we got toward the eastern side of South Dakota and the brilliant greens of a well-watered landscape came into view, my heart lifted. I felt a euphoria that was so intense it felt as though I were floating. In that moment, I realized that my misery was more to do with the colors of the landscape than any other factor. I moved within two months, back to where the land was green.


That does not keep me from appreciating and loving the stark beauty of the desert. The subtle striations of color, the cracked and blistered earth, the desiccated silver of the tree trunks and the hazy dustiness of the succulents are beautiful. I love the plane geometry of the landscape that we cannot see when covered with an abundance of flowers, bushes, grasses and trees. There is something magnificent and courageous about the flora and the fauna eking out a life in these marginal landscapes. There is a profundity in this life of scarcity – this life on the margins.

But it is not for me. I want a green land. Give me the entire green rainbow from the palest milk green of an Easter Rose to the deepest darkest greens of a Doug Fir. I need green to live. It’s that fundamental. But, one of the nice things about Second Life® is that I can visit the beauty of the desert without the heat or the misery. And the desert at ISON is particularly beautiful – a living desert, not an ocean of sand. Continue reading

Pictures Only!


Dress (La Penderie de Nicole) Jewelry (Zaara) Nails (La Boheme) Hair (D!va @ Collabor88)

I keep hearing how people prefer blogs with pictures only, but I do not. I like to hear about problems, things that are cool, special or different about an outfit. However, I have a migraine and so you will have to satisfied with only the pictures.
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This may be a dress, but


This may be a dress, but I cannot see myself wearing it that way. I don’t mind short, but if I don’t have to bend over to show off my panties, well, it’s a tunic, not a dress. But what a tunic! I love its simple lines and modern aesthetic. It zips up the back for a snug fit and the small center pleat gives it just the perfect bit of swing. I love everything about it once I quit thinking of it as a dress.

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In which I share a playlist from Spotify


Monday nights I DJ at The Velvet. I thought you might enjoy listening to my set on Spotify. This was my outfit I wore for DJing – a dress that I wore as a top and some pants.  I love the shapes and the edgy, fashion forward design.



The dress is from La Penderie de Nicole and has a very modern look with its exaggerated batwing shoulders. It is aptly names My Bat Dress. It comes with a tartan belt and a tweed belt and is a preview of Marcopol Oh’s coming fall collection. Happily the inside of the skirt is lined so the skirt looks good from all angles. I would like to have seen a similar lining of just a few inches on the sleeves and the top as there are angles where the alpha shows.

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Buena Ventura


A friend of mine has been gardening, digging deep in the soil, planting trees, flowers, seeding grass and all the other backbreaking work involved in designing and landscaping a sim, but he’s pretty much done now and it’s a beautiful sight to see. I stopped by the other day and fell in love with the intriguing way he created different microclimates all in one sim. I stopped by the patio and took a few pictures, but you should really see it for yourself. I was wearing this gorgeous linen dress with and embroidered panel inset on the torso from La Penderie de Nicole.

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A New Way to Deal with Tiled SL Screenshots


La Penderie de Nicole has a great dress for the With Love Hunt. It’s a lovely blue one-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hem that ends in beautiful ruffle. I had a lot of fun shooting the pics for this post now that I can have shadows and projectors and even depth of field again. For some inexplicable reason, though, a few pictures tiled, a glitch that usually happens when you are shooting pictures with scrolling clouds. I loved this shot but it had one square tile, the one that is at the bottom of the right hand side. I could have cropped it out, but instead I decided to go with it and made a layer of semi-transparent tiles of the same size and then colored them and changed the layer blend to difference to get this tiled effect. It was a fun experiment and does not distract much from your enjoyment of the dress, I hope.

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Design Your Own With Great Pieces


When I unpacked the glorious “My Feathered Waspie” from La Penderie de Nicole, I realized it was one of those pieces that could be mixed and matched with bits and pieces of other outfits to make fun, new things, giving me a chance to “design my own.”

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Autumn is the time for layers and layers of knits and wools and cuddling up warm and cozy or running through the woods kicking the leaves up into the air. The secret to comfort in the fall is layering so that you can take something off while in a heated room or in the heat of the sun and put it back on when the sun hides behind a cloud. In this outfit, I layered a cozy thermal knit top from Sakide with a short wool jacket from VoguE. I have that top in every color and only wish there were more colors of it – one of my favorite wardrobe basic of all time. The jacket is part of an outfit from Vogue that comes with pants, gloves, top, the works, but there’s no reason not to pull out the pieces to mix and match with something else. I blogged the jacket about a year ago with the gloves. It’s one of those striking pieces that work well with others.

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Vive la Rouge

I <3 Rouge_011

Starting today at 3 PM, there will be a weekend fundraising party to keep Rouge, that amazing red woman, alive and well and a destination spot on the grid. Rouge is not just the home sim for Codebastard Redgrave, or Codie, but it’s also a wonderful terraformed sculpture and a fabulous venue for events. Codie has been generous over the years, allowing folks to have parties and events at her club for no charge and over time a wonderful community of people have come to think of Rouge as a home away from home.


Many of those people are going to do their best to save Rouge with DJ’ed parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by donating fun rouge items whose proceeds go to support Rouge. For example, the poses used in this post are all I poses by Status and all proceeds go to the support of Rouge sim. For complete details about the event, see here.

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