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It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World

Today’s outfit would never have come together if not for the good sense and grace of designers who allow their customers to mod their clothes. I really wanted to put these pieces together but the colors weren’t quite right…but thanks to flexible and smart designers from Thimbles and Maitreya, I am happily wearing exactly what I wanted to wear. It all started with this fun and adorable coat from BomBon. Yes, BomBon, not BonBon.

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Too Much Goodness

There’s so much I like in this outfit that I hardly know where to begin, but how about with something I rarely talk about, the eyes. Today I am wearing Poetic Color eyes. I seldom change eyes and 90% of the posts I have done have shown me with IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel, but recently I came across these lovely Poetic Color eyes that seem so alive with their wonderful reflections of things seen. Now, if only they came in hazel.  But then there is also the hair and we can’t forget the skirt – a freebie that is just wonderfully made. Yes, lots of goodness this time.

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