Raid My Closet Part II


It was easy deciding what to wear for this second installment in the Raid Your Closet Challenge. There are pieces I will never throw out, no matter how old they are. Among them are most of my Paper Couture designs. This dress is from September 2011 and is still available. I chose it because it highlights how much more experimental and effective the Lu sisters are at working with the system layers. This skirt has a bit more shape and body than the usual system skirt – not because of the skirt glitch that gives us all donkey booty, but because they often made full skirts with system pieces. They took the system skirt beyond the skin-tight pencil skirt and played with form. They weren’t the only ones, but they were certainly the most successful. They have not released in over a year. I hope that means they are taking their experimental, boundary-pushing, technology-testing ways to mesh and are preparing to surprise us all. I hope that’s why we have not heard from them in so long.


The shoes are from L’Aph – the new label for Aphrodite Outlander – whose return the grid is good news for fashion lovers. She understands classic shapes and designs and provides lots of color variations.


My jewelry and hair are no longer available. The hair is from Miriel – one of the many brands we have lost due to the lack of strong protections against copybotting and the discouragement that is the result of seeing work you spend days or even weeks on being copied and redistributed by thieves in less than 2 minutes. The gorgeous jewelry is from Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell. She closed in belief that the old prim and sculpt-based jewelry can not compete with mesh, but I think she’s wrong. This jewelry can compete with anything.


Last, the skin is fairly new but since it’s from September it’s within the guidelines of the challenge – it’s the Vintage skin from PXL Creations Gacha – and it’s so luscious.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Reel Expressions (not available)
Skin: PXL] GAIA Vintage (gacha)
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: Maitreya/Lelutka
Hair: (Miriel) Gibson Girl Hair – Fox (not available)
Clothing: Paper Couture Vanilla Kiss
Shoes: -L’APH- Leather Heels Black
Jewelry: Dark Mouse Vintage Drop Dead Diamond (not available)

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