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There's a New Sim in Town


There’s a new sim that calls out to the inner child to come and play. I ran over there to shoot some pictures and was entranced by the whimsical creatures and definitely wanted to wear something that was playful and fun. I remembered this outfit from Magoa at Modavia Fashion Week. Magoa’s Fashion Week collection is not for the faint of heart. There’s a dress made of eyeballs! But it is the collection for our inner Gaga and something tells me this sim is as well.


Intrepid explorer that I am, I fell in the lake where I found floating tomato slices among the fish. I certainly fit in with my bright and cheerful skirt and top and the Ferris wheel headpiece.

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Make It Quick


I am going to make this quick because I have friends on their way over shortly. Here’s another fabulous item from the Platinum Hunt – a super-sexy dress from Magoa. While we all have seen dresses with a similar open-work style, it’s really cool to see it in a print.
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I don’t know what ephidryades are and Google failed me, but one thing I do know, it’s a beautiful dress and the top is as ethereal and delicate as dragonfly wings. I blogged the dress the other day and mentioned I was likely to mix the top up with other items since Sissy Pessoa took care to make the top with a bottom to tuck in. When I saw the skirt from Magoa’s Lilac English Rose dress, I knew I found a great mix and match skirt to wear with it for a shorter option. The skirt has a similar black on black brocade texture that makes a very congruent look. Even better, both are for the Culture Shock fundraiser, so get over there! I went again yesterday and although there were several people there I turned them off so lag did not kill me. Just go to Advance Menu and type in RenderAvatarMaxVisible and lower from the default of 35 to something low like 2 or 3.
UPDATE: Sissy explained that it Ephydryades and means sweet water nymph which totally makes sense when you look at the collar. Continue reading

Short Dress Is Short – And Pretty

“A Man Can Be Happy With Any Woman As Long As He Does Not Love Her.”

-Oscar Wilde

After a morning of frustration and trying to make the grid my servant I gave up and hoped that I could at least shoot a cute dress or something.

Turns out, MAGOA had sent me a few cute dresses or something.

The WILD AT HEART dress is perfect for winter with it’s muted tones and refreshing fun texture. Continue reading