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Fantasy Faire 2015 – Light Weaver

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Helena Stringer - Light Weaver - 1

Protector of magic,
Weaver of light,
guide us through the unyielding night.

Fly up high,
If you dare,
Shadows encroach and you must beware.

Forces unknown,
Wish to fight,
To hammer down those who shine bright.

Fear not,
One so fair,
I am here to heed your prayer.

A poem by Helena Stringer

 Fantasy Faire is only here for a short period of time, and while many of us wish it wasn’t so, and we could have the sims for a whole month, or more, it is not to be.

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It All Comes Together at Relay Weekend


There have been Relay for Life fundraising events going on for several months now and they will all come together in the annual culmination of Relay season with Relay Weekend. Relay Weekend kicks off with an Opening Ceremony at 10 A.M. SLT on the 19th and continues for 24 hours as folks walk the 40 sim track. The walk continues for 24 hours because cancer never sleeps and neither can the efforts to prevent, treat and cure cancer.


Fashion For Life has a campsite along the Relay track. Grace Loudon who brilliantly organized the Fashion For Life builds created this build while also heading the team of builders and build organizers for the forty sims for this weekend. With bolts of fabric, dressmaker forms, scissors, thread and other sewing notions, this build emphasizes the FASHION in Fashion For Life.  Continue reading

Relay for Life Date Auction – Wanna?

You can win a date with me! Woo Hoo! Come on… please? Anyone? A date with me is on the auction block this Saturday, April 5th (I’ll be up between 1:30 and 3pm SLT) at the Balboa Theatre,
Relay for Life Auction - Bid on Gala 1

Wanna know more….

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I Relay…. Do You?

I relay for many people in my life… my mother, an aunt, an uncle, a cousin and numerous friends … some who have won… some who are losing… and some who have lost to this evil enemy we call CANCER.  I will be participating in an event next Saturday – a date auction to benefit Relay for Life.  Located at the Balboa Theatre.  If you want more information or an auction form, please stop by my shop, Flutterby Tattoo’s.  And consider dropping a few Lindens in the RFL kiosk while you are there… I Relay… do you?
I Relay-a
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The Sweet Spot


High fashion, elegance and sex appeal are not mutually exclusive. I doubt, though, that they have ever come together with such masterful balance as in this gown from NYU for Relay For Life that hits the sweet spot of avant sexy elegance. To make it even sweeter, it’s packaged with three options. You can wear it with the floral skirt and white top, a floral top and white skirt, or with a white top and skirt. And then to make it even sweeter yet, your purchase supports Relay for Life.

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Relay For Life:Barbie Pink from Musashi Do

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Relay for Life Clothing Fair opens up tomorrow but a bunch of us bloggers snuck in today to see what sort of goodness there is to be found.

A Barbie Girl is pleased to report that Shiryu Musashi has offered up special edition colors of a few of my favorite pieces. And he’s run the gauntlet of the seasons, from the uber sexy bikinis Summer Sky and Wave Flow pictured above, to the totally hot man’s shirt that I’ve stolen again – the polo re-released in pink……

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posted by Gidge Uriza

Games You Can Play Wearing This Bunneh Costume:

  1. You can be the new cocktail waitress at the Mansion who has displeased a younger, more virile, less-colostomy-bag-wearing Hef -who has decided to punish you – in the hot tub, with another blonde.
  2. You can be the Princess who was transformed by the evil sorceress into this Bunneh/Human Hybrid who can only consumate her love – ummmm…….like a rabbit?
  3. You can be the girl who showed up at the Easter Costume Party not realizing it was a children’s event who is then, ahem, privately schooled by the hottest single dad in the room – in the laundry room away from the kiddies eyes of course.
  4. You can be the hottest Can-Can girl the day the Moulin Rouge goes ALL BUNNEH!

Or, you can simply pick up this delightfully whimsical bunneh outfit at Lemania which IS NOT FREE but benefits the Relay for Life and have your own fun. Continue reading