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All-Weather Alirium


There’s a reason Alirium is one of the most visited sim in Second Life®. It’s beautiful and at the moment, it’s almost an all-weather sim with its F*R*O*S*T exhibition of beautiful sim-etry. Knowing I would bop from summer to winter in a short second, I dressed for all weather wandering in jeans from Studio Sidhe for Culture Shock layered with a summery top from R.icielli and a jacket from Ivalde.


The walk down the dozens of stairs to the snow fields is lovely, especially on such a bright, sunny day.

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Quick Look: DDStyle for Couture of Hope

I had an adventurous day, making my first trip to the grocery store in over six months. Even though my friend did all the work and I just drove one of those electric go-carts, it still wore me out so this is a quick, short post with not much more than pictures.
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If you go out in the woods today


I adore the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but sadly I did not catch any in the woods at Villefranche, but I have to say the short path through the trees is a stunning little walk. I am wearing a cute strapless dress from Indie Rose with perhaps the best fitted belt ever made. Well, for me at least. The dress is one of the three Indie Rose made for Culture Shock, so be sure to go check it out and support Médecins Sans Frontières while you’re at it.
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On Safari

While updating my notecard, I dressed for my travels in a lovely pair of capris and a comfortable leopard print top from Kunglers for Culture Shock. Now, let’s hope I don’t run into any leopards who might take umbrage . They looked so “safari chic” I had to pop back to Cap Estel to shoot some pics on safari. It’s a great place to visit and you can tour the safari by riding the giraffe which will take you around the park to see all the animals.
Some people might say it’s rude to mock the animals while on safari, but really isn’t humor part of the raison d’etre of ostriches?
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Azul Linda for Culture Shock


My favorite of the three offerings from Azul for Culture Shock is this gorgeous brown and gold floral print. It’s a slinky, body-hugging mermaid style dress that is elegant and formal, but with an easy style that is very contemporary.

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