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Sweetest Goodbye added a touch of whimsy to the glamour that has been the driving theme of Avenue’s Couture of Hope event for Relay For Life. When I saw the outfit I had two contrasting images come to mind. Marlene Dietrich who delighted in dressing in tuxedos and top hats and the props from the first Designers United event last year with the Vaudeville theme. I ran with both ideas at once because I lack discipline.
The pose box, hat and cane were all produced by /me for Designers United Vaudeville. Since the event is over and it’s no longer available, if someone wants to use it to snap a picture, just IM me and I will rez it at Glookbone and drop you a LM.
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Quicklook: Lotsa Folks….Gato, Cool Beans, [ME], Republic – I Could Go On

This is a quickie because despite trying to find a thing or two or three on marketplace, all I could find were rape shacks and pubic hair.

But, I got inspired by the pretty flowers on the Spring Breeze tank from COOL BEANS and it was a flowery look that came together.

I love the store name. One of my best friends says COOL BEANS so much, that we added Beans to her name – constantly calling her CHRISTA-BEANS.

I’m sure that never bothered her AT ALL.


Style Notes:

It’s another fancy day where I do it from memory….let’s GO

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Belleza – Melissa
  • Hair – [me] – London
  • Top – Cool Beans – Spring Breeze in Green
  • Skirt – Gato – Bollywood Skirt
  • Shoes – Republic – Flower Power Flats
  • Poses – STaTUS – Hunny – Long Hair Poses


Shhhhh! I am not supposed to be saying this! But some of you may have seen the drama Elusyve and I had with our store mascots over at GESTICULATE! Well – we had NO choice but to simply let them all go and hold auditions for new store mascots.

As that excitement grew, we realized that the gnomes were never EVER going to let us go – so we did the only thing we could. We completely rebranded and moved everything. As a matter of fact, the gnomes don’t know we’re gone. They’re still sitting around listening to the lucky chair call letters at the old place. Continue reading