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Fameshed for The Arcade

It’s happened. The flurry of lindens stimulating the economy are flowing as everyone goes MAD collecting at THE ARCADE and picking up the amazing new releases in mesh at FAMESHED.

I thought the billiards dress from Trompe Loeil (The Arcade) might be a bit too masculine for my girly abode but no, I put some flowers and myself on it and it’s plenty girly. Cory Edo is mad for cute drawer pulls, these are adorable as well. Continue reading

Get A Sitter Girls, You’ve Got A Cute New Dress

Going Out 2_009

I have to say first of all, that sequins have been ugly in SL for years. I’m ecstatic that suddenly sequins exist that don’t make me want to cry because – SEQUINS ARE WHAT SL IS ALL ABOUT.

It’s glamour and shiny and fun and festive. If your SL isn’t at least two of those things you are probably doing it wrong. Continue reading

Dear Prince Charming

Dear Prince Charming_004

I’m dressed and ready. I would like to dance. Or to spend some time together, alone as a couple. I would like to look into your eyes and know that you love me and that there is a happily ever after. I would like to fall asleep listening to your breathe. Please show up now.

Love, Cinderella Continue reading

Getting Ready for Halloween

Trying On Her Costume

So I took her shopping and got her a Halloween costume. What is the point of having a pixel baby if I can’t dress her up like the wee doll she is? Exactly. THAT WOULD BE MADNESS!! MADNESS I SAY. Continue reading

Raid My Closet Part II


It was easy deciding what to wear for this second installment in the Raid Your Closet Challenge. There are pieces I will never throw out, no matter how old they are. Among them are most of my Paper Couture designs. This dress is from September 2011 and is still available. I chose it because it highlights how much more experimental and effective the Lu sisters are at working with the system layers. This skirt has a bit more shape and body than the usual system skirt – not because of the skirt glitch that gives us all donkey booty, but because they often made full skirts with system pieces. They took the system skirt beyond the skin-tight pencil skirt and played with form. They weren’t the only ones, but they were certainly the most successful. They have not released in over a year. I hope that means they are taking their experimental, boundary-pushing, technology-testing ways to mesh and are preparing to surprise us all. I hope that’s why we have not heard from them in so long.

Continue reading

Pistachio Pudding


Through the whole of my childhood, the bottom shelf of my grandmother’s food pantry was stocked with pudding and jello and marshmallows. Predominantly – PISTACHIO PUDDING.

This was because she belonged to 800 women’s clubs, from Eastern Star, the Martha Circle at church, the Women’s Republican Club, yadda yadda on and on. She also once belonged to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union swearing that alcohol would never touch her family’s lips. That one didn’t work out so well. But she needed the pistachio pudding for her signature dish at the many pitch-ins these groups held (called potlucks outside of Indiana). Continue reading

Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

have a l'aph_003

One of the best things about the return of Aphrodite Outlander to our little pixel fashion world is her taste and style. I’ve got like, five sets of hers shot, waiting to post, and literally I am spacing them out for fear imma rave too much and you guys will think I’m on the take.

In this shoot today, I’m only wearing her leather heels – but they broke my entire outfit. Sturdy leather heels, the kind you’d pay good money for, with a spike heel – not needle thin but the sort you can walk on and still let everyone know you’re a beautiful woman with class and style – drove my  outfit from the feet up. Continue reading

Vive la Rouge

I <3 Rouge_011

Starting today at 3 PM, there will be a weekend fundraising party to keep Rouge, that amazing red woman, alive and well and a destination spot on the grid. Rouge is not just the home sim for Codebastard Redgrave, or Codie, but it’s also a wonderful terraformed sculpture and a fabulous venue for events. Codie has been generous over the years, allowing folks to have parties and events at her club for no charge and over time a wonderful community of people have come to think of Rouge as a home away from home.


Many of those people are going to do their best to save Rouge with DJ’ed parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and by donating fun rouge items whose proceeds go to support Rouge. For example, the poses used in this post are all I poses by Status and all proceeds go to the support of Rouge sim. For complete details about the event, see here.

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It’s FAIR to Fool The Eye

Fool The Eye_001

Trompe Loeil has released a gorgeous new bed – called Morning Light Cupboard that is cozy and makes me READY for cold weather, for the FAIR event. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your decorating needs, but I fell in love with the White Peony which has a very wintery window to look out of. Continue reading

It’s Only FAIR


Purple Moon Meryl Gown in Red

I am wearing a gorgeous, sleek and sinuous gown from Purple Moon that I picked up a FAIR – the newest event from the Grande Dame of event-planning, Keira Seerose. After the massive and highly successful Vintage Fair, I swear I heard Keira say something about taking it easy and semi-retiring from event planning. However, the better you are at something, the harder it is to give it up. It must have been impossible for her since Vintage Fair ended in late August and here begins FAIR in late September. Backslider!!

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