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Not My Area of Expertise

I have some familiarity with Behavior Body poses and am fond of the Elegance/Garbo AO which I sometimes use to shoot photos in no rez/no script sims as its stands are  modish and fashion-oriented. But I was very surprised to be asked by Antosperandeo Allen, the posemaker, if I would like to try out one of his Runway Model Huds and possibly feature it in my blog.

I explained to him that I don’t do runway modeling and am no expert. I gave him the names of several runway models who blog and said they would be much better at it than me. I guess he likes honesty, because then he said he would give them to me anyway AND send all three, if I didn’t mind. Now, really? Who would mind?

So, ease of use. There are 12 poses and 12 numbers. You click on a number and your posing. That’s easy. You can click on this colored square and it changes the orientation of the list of numbers. It’s like Quick Huddles in how it feels and operates. As to the poses, they are very naturalistic. You will not look like Auntie Mame having a DIVA moment, but like a modern modish woman, strutting her stuff. After the cut, I have, for my sins, made composites to show you all 36 animations in the pose position at the end of the animation. Oh…and you can turn your head and orient your gaze. Continue reading

Woot! Woot!

PixelDolls Crochet Dress Kit

In plurk yesterday someone asked where folks buy gestures and I snarked that I don’t buy them because I hate them. I have never used the Woot! or Hoo! gestures. In fact, I deleted them as I do most gestures. So of course, friends have had to send me little messages saying Woot! because that’s  how the world works.

PixelDolls Marie Lace

PixelDolls Marie Lace

Now, about a week ago, I was actually in a position where the Woot! gesture would have been appropriate. You might recall the outfit I wore last week with the black crochet gloves. Folks could not find it, so I im’ed Nephaline Protagonist the creator of PixelDolls and asked if it was still on sale. She said she was going to make it a group gift, but then….the next day I got this off-line IM to email. “Hi sweetie! I tracked down that glove map, and reworked the whole thing a bit- I had quite forgotten what a neat top and stuff that was. I just put some items in my shop that use the maps- I’m sending you copies via Xstreet. Thanks for everything!!! <3”

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

PixelDolls Marie Crochet

Woot! She released three (four if you count the white skirt options) versions of the older dress, reworked so they are even better.  So here they are, thanks in part to you readers asking how to find those gloves, which prompted me to ask, prompting her to revisit those old files. And seriously, these dresses are too sexy by half – whether the daring crochet or the slightly more demure lace, with or without the corset. These are clothes for when you are hell bent on seduction and some of the hottest gloves ever.

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