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Pop Princess


Sometimes I will come across an item in a store that is far out of my comfort zone, but still irresistibly appealing for some reason. That happened when I saw this very revealing and outré bodysuit from Diram. However, appealing as it was, I needed to change it up a bit for me to wear it so I added this adorable mesh skirt from Peqe. I loved how its bold prints contrast with the stripes of the body suit and the interplay of its softness with the bodysuit’s harder lines.

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I love the deep, rich red in this sexy, transgressive little dress from Diram. I also love the contrast between the soft draping neckline and the bold, militaristic shoulder pads complete with spike. It’s a dress that reflects dueling ideas that come together in a striking combination. I love the shoulder details, but must confess that getting the shoulders and collar to fit every pose is extremely difficult. It looks pretty good for just walking and standing, but changing poses presents real challenges to the sculpts.

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Rockin' It

If Lady Gaga were in Second Life, she would shop at Diram. I know this, not because she told me, but because I believe we all have a small inner Lady Gaga bursting to get out and be outrageous from time to time. I know it’s cool to hate on Lady Gaga for being commercial, for being too pop, for selling out, for being over-produced and so on. I don’t care. Sometimes the reason people are really super successful and popular is not because they sold out to reach the lowest common denominator, but because they are that good.  She’s one of those. If you doubt me, listen to her sing Poker Face at the piano – no synthesizers, nothing but a fine pure voice. That woman has pipes!

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