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Ballgowns Made of Cotton Candy

posted by Gidge Uriza

I could never wear anything more gleefully than a big pink ballgown. Wait -it’s got a HAT? It’s got a PARASOL?!?!?!?

Sign me up. It’s so springy-fun and foofoo that I just couldn’t resist choosing the pink to show you out of the rainbow of colors that Sascha Frangilli offers it in. It’s rather modest in the black and differently exuberant in the other colors but in the pink, it says OHAI I’m a Barbie Doll and I’m ok with that. Continue reading

Sweater Dresses are Hot For Fall!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was headed to THE VELVET to dance my heart out with Cajsa during our friend Maht’s Sunday set when this great sweater dress was dropped on me from Linc. It comes in an array of colors and they’ve done a nice job with the skirt prim.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon kind of dress to club in. Plus it’s wintery cozy – I love the big oversized collar on it.  It would also look great with slacks (expect to see it that way!)

So I let my hair down and danced the afternoon away with Cajsa.

I’m wearing the Fishnet Tights from BLOWPOP which are great with this sweater dress.  Annyka did an awesome job creating them. Continue reading

Two Little Girls In Braids

posted by Gidge Uriza

Sometimes when you make a friend you feel a bond that you don’t really understand the root of, but it’s definitely there.  What I have learned after almost two years of knowing Cajsa is that our bond was formed in the centuries old tradition of the Women of Northern Europe. Continue reading

Antique-ing On a Saturday

posted by Gidge Uriza

This Saturday is spent schlepping around vintage/antique stores searching for six chairs for my RL dining room. My dining table is from the Sears and Roebuck catalog circa 1912, from the lodge of a large fishing camp that my family owned in Minnesota BACK IN THE DAY.  When the last of the cabins had been sold or demolished, in the 70s, my entire family converged upon the LODGE where the meals had been served and the furniture within was plundered and scattered amongst us.

EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of my family HAS one of these tables. It’s sort of bizarre, yet endearing. Continue reading

Backwards and In Heels

posted by Gidge Uriza

This tribute to the glamour of old Hollywood – called GINGER ROGERS is a dollarbie which wraps up TODAY at about 8am SLT.  Ginger had to do everything Fred Astair did……..except she had to do it backwards and in heels. Now WHO was the better dancer?

This heavy black dress is simple and timeless and is going to be retired as of about 8am SLT-ish……..TODAY. Continue reading

Dress Me Up Challenge: Gidge as a Neko

posted by Gidge Uriza

Dear God. Know why I don’t do Neko? (Besides the tails creep me out and make me think of THIS) It’s the accessories! I just can’t buy super cute ears PLUS rockin Hair or a tail AND shoes. WOW. Nekos  spend a lot of money on stuff. YOWZAH.

At least – to look cute they do.

Maybe if a Neko and a spoiled fashionista had a baby – THIS is what she would look like!

I opted for the Uncle Wiggly necklace which was “collarish” vs. a real collar. And bushier eyebrows than I normally wear.

AH not my best effort, but clearly, I’m not a member of the Paws Clan.

I feel certain that Clara Bow will be more within my range!

Fashion Details

  • Shape _ Gidge custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – MVS Xtreme Reality SKin – Heidi – Active Red
  • HAir Diversity hair – Freshia – Sunshine Blonde
  • Dress – Frangipanni Designs – Floral Print – Freebie
  • Necklace – Uncle Wiggly – Triple Marge in red & black
  • Ears – Neko Style EArs Black (that I won on a hunt!)
  • SHoes – Juicy Slingback pumps in Peppercorn

Casual Friday in Style

posted by Gidge Uriza

I saw this sweater on my first trip through Axel. It’s in the walkway where you rezz up – and as I passed it my first instinct was “Must Have”. But I was in a crunch, at that time, I wanted their cute Halloweenie Tanks and then I also wanted to check out the rest of their offerings. Continue reading