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It‘s Memories That I‘m Stealing

Glitter Top and Skirt, Sn@tch shirt, Glamistry Shoes, Lelutka and Slink Mesh Body/Head and Glam Affair skin

It’s such a sad old feeling
the fields are soft and green
it’s memories that I’m stealing
but you’re innocent when you dream
when you dream
you’re innocent when you dream

Tom Waits

Glitter Top and Skirt, Sn@tch shirt, Glamistry Shoes, Lelutka and Slink Mesh Body/Head and Glam Affair skin


Penumbra Spring Summer Fashion Week wraps up today, though the shops will remain open for the month. Today I am wearing a top and skirt by Glitter called Lauren. It comes with a HUD that allows you to pick six texture options for the top and the skirt. I went for the solid black top and the black skirt with a pinstripe inset. The top is very short and just barely covers the nipples, leaving the underside of the breasts bare. That’s not my preference, so I added a bodysuit from Sn@tch, using their applier for the Slink Physique so I did not have to worry about the Glitter top fitting over the Sn@tch top. Besides, I think the teal and black lace adds a nice touch.  Continue reading

My Armour Is Glitter My Heart Still Waits

Penumbra fashion week continues and today I’m sharing a gorgeous slinky gown that is perfect.  I hadn’t done a proper fashion blogger standing around with random objects shoot for a while, so I felt like this was a good day for that. Continue reading

Lush Lace

The fabulous cutwork and needle lace in Ivalde’s Kianne black dress is so intricate and lush that it reminds me of another era when clothing was well-made as a matter of course because people expected it to last. Having gone through a Depression and the war and war rationing, people invested in clothing and bought clothing that would last. The diametric opposite of the majority of clothing sold today with prints that are merely stamped on one side, not woven into the fabric and with narrow surger seams that tack clothing together with cheap plastic thread, ready to come undone in a heart beat. Grandchildren raiding our closets for finds from the past will have slim pickings.  Thankfully, in Second Life contemporary clothing won’t come apart at the seams and vintage clothing continues to reign in unfaded splendor.

Continue reading