Doux Petite

posted by Gidge Uriza

I wandered into a cute little shop called Doux Petite a while back, and was taken back by their fun summery dollarbie wall.  I thought I’d show you some fun things I picked up for free in the past couple weeks while home recouping. First off I’m wearing Kamian’s freebie shape. I like her bod but her face is a LITTLE sharper than my normal face. But she’s pretty! She’s kinda SULTRY And SERIOUS. 🙂

The jean shorts are offered with a variety of tops in sherbet colors, both the sweater and the tee above are offered in several variations, and for a linden who can argue?

The boho styled shirt below is fun as well, and also a linden.

The skin is from the recently rebranded LAZOLLI, now called L’Oring – so if you were wondering what had happened to them, well they’re back! So now you know how to find them if you were missing them. They always used to be quite generous with the gifts in the past.

Here is your weird moment of Zen…….my hair is from Diversity Hair and the color is CROW.

My husband and I were once shopping at a craft fair, putzing around and we saw this hilarious bowl that was hand painted with a crow inside of it. The stall owner said “Oh everyone is decorating in Crow this year.” and then we had to buy the bowl. We were obligated, now weren’t we?

Style Notes

  • Shape – Kamian’s Free Female Shape
  • Skin – L’Oring – Jorden
  • Eyes – Poetic Colors – Lilac Blossoms
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Alec – Crow
  • Tops – Doux Petite – Dollarbies Wall
  • Shorts – Doux Petite – Dollarbies Wall

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