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And Then I Got a Custom Skin

posted by Gidge Uriza

Gogolita did a piece some time ago about the custom skin available at Soda Skin Designer and when I was at a loss for a “perfect” Christmas skin, I started scrolling through her history to find the piece – I HAD to have the perfect skin. Continue reading

Chocolat Rose

posted by Gidge Uriza

To celebrate my starting a new RL job after having been downsized back in July, Cajsa took me to one of her guilty pleasures, Chambre du Chocolat to buy me a dress of a present. I spent about a week looking for hair to wear with it. I couldn’t decide – up-do? Short- do? When I ran across Chelsia at Damselfly I knew I’d hit on the perfect compliment to this truly stunning dress. Continue reading


I love Innovations, with a capital or a lower case I. DG Innovations has long been a favorite store since I first discovered it last year looking for a ball gown for Christmas. It’s well named as the fashions range far and wide in inspiration but stay close to home and consistent in quality.  I wasn’t looking or needing anything new when I dropped by Innovations yesterday – not at all – but then I saw this and all was lost.

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The Dress of Power

posted by Gidge Uriza

I used to shop, with my old crew, and listen to boys endlessly fawning over them. We’d TP into a place to shop or dance, or – back in the day, gamble….and SUDDENLY boys would flock over to them babbling about how pretty they were. And not your usual “I want make sex”. These were boys with the sense to use some smoother verbiage in their quest to “make sex”. Continue reading

Date Night – That's What Friends Are For

posted by Gidge Uriza

You can imagine how bewildered I was when Silo told me to buy a pretty dress because we were going to have a fancy SL date. I mean, BONUS – an excuse for shopping. But being married in RL means that we don’t spend a lot of time doing the “romance” stuff in SL.  Plus the fact that he spends about 99% of his time in SL as a little robot AV.

His instructions were simple. Buy something VERY fancy. We were going to a very fancy place that required reservations. Cajsa and I ran the gauntlet of elegant stores but wouldn’t you know I went back and bought the first dress I had run into. I had first thought of going to DeGroot because I had picked up a gown for my Christmas Ball there and was WOWED by the loveliness and detail of it. And of course I now had a perfect reason to pick up those Elphaba heels from Digit Darkes I’d been coveting but they just seemed so FANCY I couldn’t ever figure out what to wear it with.

My only question when picking out this dress, then, was WHICH COLOR? It came in several but I settled on Teal. There is a wide variety of colors available, you can find them in world or on SLX. You can see the rest of the shoot here on my flickr page.

But before I give you the fashion details – I have to have a Paul Harvey moment

The REST of the Story. Continue reading

People Were Always Crossing Rooms To Talk to Maxine

posted by Gidge Uriza

Imagine my surprise, standing at Tesla while a noob friend was figuring out the subscribe-o-matic and the freebies etc. when I got THIS IM out of nowhere.

person x: Gazes at the stunning girl in pink.

Me: Umm….what?

person X: My god you are stunning. Is this girl with you your girlfriend?

Me: Ummm…..what?

I said a lot of other really eloquent stuff like that. Clothed compulsively in pink that day, on a whim that was a couple of days old (I had been trying to pick out something to wear with that hair and not changed since), I had just run out of the house wearing what I had on to assist my friend Delilah. I’m just never THAT girl, which is why I was so surprised.

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A Simple Black Skirt

posted by Gidge Uriza
You need a simple black skirt. That’s what they told me when I was new. Simple. Something that goes everywhere, with everything. Something you can wear to a casual party or a fancy dress event. Don’t squander your lindens on something that won’t work with a lot of different tops.
In short – find that perfect skirt version of the “little black dress.”
So I looked. And I looked. And I shopped. Continue reading