People Were Always Crossing Rooms To Talk to Maxine

posted by Gidge Uriza

Imagine my surprise, standing at Tesla while a noob friend was figuring out the subscribe-o-matic and the freebies etc. when I got THIS IM out of nowhere.

person x: Gazes at the stunning girl in pink.

Me: Umm….what?

person X: My god you are stunning. Is this girl with you your girlfriend?

Me: Ummm…..what?

I said a lot of other really eloquent stuff like that. Clothed compulsively in pink that day, on a whim that was a couple of days old (I had been trying to pick out something to wear with that hair and not changed since), I had just run out of the house wearing what I had on to assist my friend Delilah. I’m just never THAT girl, which is why I was so surprised.

I’m not the girl that the boys OR the girls go running across the sim to talk to, to ask to dance or “other” (which is ok no OTHERthank you). I don’t know if I exude aloofness, or some unapproachability or what it is.  It doesn’t ever bother me, and I don’t really ever NOTICE it until it happens and I’m so off guard.

Me: I look like cotton candy.

person X: I like to eat cotton candy.

I like this outfit, even though Cajsa said “cute nightie” the first time she saw it. 

Originally purchased to wear to an SLwedding (SLedding?), it comes in two versions – this VERY pale pink and also white – boxed together. Since then I’ve worn it to my husbands birthday party and to a good friend’s wedding reception since. Delicate detail on the gloves and prims of the skirt make this a really elegant affordable choice from Bare Rose. I always pair it with my favorite pair of shoes from Indyra – Coquette Noir, this time in Cordial Pink. I own these shoes in several colors. I think it’s because I love the impossibly high heel on them.

Maybe I should wear pink more often.  More pics available on my flickr page.

Fashion Details
Skin – Raspberry from Peppermint Blue
Shape 190 cm from Peppermint Blue
Eyes – Purple Rain from FNKY
Hair – Brat in Passion Pop from Diversity Hair
Dress – Rose Gown from Bare Rose
Shoes – Coquette Noir in Cordial Pink from Indyra
Earrings – Contessa from Degroot

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