Chocolat Rose

posted by Gidge Uriza

To celebrate my starting a new RL job after having been downsized back in July, Cajsa took me to one of her guilty pleasures, Chambre du Chocolat to buy me a dress of a present. I spent about a week looking for hair to wear with it. I couldn’t decide – up-do? Short- do? When I ran across Chelsia at Damselfly I knew I’d hit on the perfect compliment to this truly stunning dress.

I can only imagine how heavy this dress would be, with it’s immense train and heavy silk fabrics. The shoulders are wrapped in a delicate swath of rose-gathered fabric.

The billowing of fabric around the shoulders is a fun modern take on the traditional foofy collars/ruffs of yore (yes I said Yore – I mean like – the 80s) yet the lines of the dress, including the train are completely traditional.

The designs of Chambre du Chocolat truly have a new fan.

All Photos by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studios

Click Here to see the Entire Photo Shoot (many more angles of the dress)

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Chic Boutique Diva Skin – Stella – Crank
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Damselfly – Chelsia – Sunrise Blonde
  • Dress – Chambre du Chocolat – Heidi – Red
  • Shoes – Digit Darkes – Dorothy
  • Necklace – Degroot – Contessa
  • Nails – Love Soul Dark Red

5 thoughts on “Chocolat Rose

  1. Harper

    You’re right about the heavy; it looks like it would be made of something weighty like velvet or taffeta in RL. At the same time, the effect is fantastic! You’ve got a lovely piece there.

    (People are surprised at just how heavy some clothes can be. The princess ball gown Lesley Anne Warren wore in the 1964 Cinderella was so heavy that she needed a painkiller shot partway through the taping of her scenes; it was pulling at her neck and shoulder muscles. The wonder is that she carried herself so well, without showing any pain in a delightful production.)

  2. Gidge Uriza Post author

    My wedding dress was like that. Silo and I eloped and my wedding dress was a rental. They rolled out a big rack in my size,and I said “I want the biggest dress you’ve got – cathedral length train if you have it.”
    They only had chapel length, THANK GOD. I could barely MOVE in it the thing was so heavy, with all the fabric and beads – plus it was a winter dress….eeek.

  3. Harper

    That last part about a winter dress reminds me of something off-topic, but still fun. I was at a wedding one time in Orlando, Fla., where the groom and his entire side were in rented tuxes — solid wool, very classy looking — in July. Now that still wouldn’t be so bad, except for one thing: the air conditioning in the cathedral (an ole-fashion’ Gothic style cathedral, like on Epiphany Island in world) had gone out the previous night. They had just got it fixed an hour or so before the wedding, so this huge inside space had not really had a chance to cool off yet.

    Solid wool tuxes, in July, in Orlando. Who needed global warming? Those poor guys were sweltering! But they looked good!

    (Hmmm; maybe this wasn’t off topic after all….)

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