A Simple Black Skirt

posted by Gidge Uriza
You need a simple black skirt. That’s what they told me when I was new. Simple. Something that goes everywhere, with everything. Something you can wear to a casual party or a fancy dress event. Don’t squander your lindens on something that won’t work with a lot of different tops.
In short – find that perfect skirt version of the “little black dress.”
So I looked. And I looked. And I shopped.
But by know, you know me – right?

It practically fell from the rafters at Digit Darkes and onto my head. What was I supposed to do?

It dances like gossamer on the wind. This is hands down my favorite skirt in the history of pixel skirts. I’m Scaret O’Hara with taste. Dancing the night away at Moulin Rouge the night I bought this I was a princess, at least in my ownmind. I’ve dressed it up, I’ve shown up wearing it with a tshirt on occassion.

It goes with everything – or at least I say it does.

Fashion Details

Skin – Party Red from Peppermint Blue

Shape – 190cm from Peppermint Blue

Hair – Diversity Hair – Ember in Summer

Nails – AE Rogue

Corset – Distinguised Corset from Degroot

Skirt – Tulle Gown from Digit Darkes

Jewelry – Contessa Earrings and Necklas from Degroot

Shoes – Coquette Nori – in Cordial Red

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