And Then I Got a Custom Skin

posted by Gidge Uriza

Gogolita did a piece some time ago about the custom skin available at Soda Skin Designer and when I was at a loss for a “perfect” Christmas skin, I started scrolling through her history to find the piece – I HAD to have the perfect skin.

I knew what I wanted. Ruby red lips, beautiful, delicate green eyeshadow on a soft face. And I GOT exactly what I wanted. So elegant, so well made, I was ecstatic when I picked up my demo and ran around showing people NAKED how great it looked.

This is a good point to note, as I’ve stated before it can be weeks if EVER before I see a skin naked – I usually slap them on as I dress.  (This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of playing SL with your RL husband. Advantage – I don’t spend forever desperately trying to look good, he already thinks I look good. Disadvantage, if I say “Hey baby look at this skin” he might take a look, but looking at the real thing is really more his interest so unless the skin is perfect or a freak show – it’s hard to get his attention.

THE Most Perfect Christmas Dress

THE Most Perfect Christmas Dress

You can see why I needed a perfect skin. I have the perfect dress. And while this IS indeed my Christmas Dress from last year, it’s far too fantastic not to wear again this year. Silo and I have run into a snafu where suddenly we both can’t be online at the same time, so our big Christmas Party is in jeopardy – meaning I might have to beg an invitation to someone ELSE’S soiree.

All I Want For Christmas - Is You! (Im Talking to Silo - Not YOU Pervos!)

All I Want For Christmas - Is You! (I'm Talking to Silo - Not YOU Pervos!)

The perfect Christmas gown is available at DeGroot designs and in a variety of colors. But for our first Christmas party at our home in Quiricosta last year, I just had to have this one.

If only I had owned the perfect skin for it back then, eh?

More Photos of the PERFECT Christmas Skin and Dress Avail Here

All Photos by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR Photo Studios

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Gidge Custom SKIN by Soda Skin Creator HOOHOO!
  • Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
  • Hair – Diversity Hair – Debutante in Marine
  • Dress – Degroot – DG Gowns Silent Night
  • Shoes – Stiletto Moody Mary Jane Sandals in Color Pop
  • Nails – AE Rogue
  • Earrings and Ring – Divine Gems – by Callie Cline

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