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I went out and about this Sunday to explore more of what the grid has to offer in terms of beautiful builds. You know I’m partial to Asian builds of any type, and this one did not disappoint.

I love this tea ceremony build – it’s beautiful and creative.

This particular part really caught my fancy alas it was just for looks and no food was actually available for my ever hungry avatar. Sad isn’t it? I went away hungry, but still pretty happy because everything was so pretty.

Okay that’s not completely true – I found some ice cream!!

Gidge is Adventuring in;
Jeans; Mug – Ava Jean Set – Brows: Eyebrows (soft arch) mint 75%
Skin: Guapa – Noela Skin (LELUTKA EVOX) Icy [Browless]
Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX NOEL 3.1
Rings: e.marie // Cecilie Rings – Golds { Maitreya F }
Hair: Exile:: Esse (Unrigged)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – LaraX V1.1
Umbrella: Melodic Effect Umbrella
Tank; Mug – Ava Tank – Pink
Shoes: REIGN.- Knotted Berkin Sandals (MAITREYA-FLAT)
Earrings: [HANDverk]Enamel Elephant
Shot on Location: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/A%20Love%20Project/16/137/…

Morning Stroll

I’m out early this morning checking out events and doing a bit of shopping. These t hings aren’t going to shop themselves, I tell you.

I pulled out an old clutch from HANDVERK and I forgot I’ve got a few awesome bags from them, they’re going to be getting more use. This is why I don’t throw things out. THIS BAG IS SO CUTE. I wonder if they are still around? I need to find out!

I’m in love with my new hair stylist exXess her blondes are amazing. If you’re a blonde girl and don’t go shopping there, run don’t walk. I took Luna this weekend and she was impressed. It’s not a new brand but for me it was one of those WOW WHEN DID THIS BRAND BECOME AMAZING moments.

Those are good moments. Continue reading

The Arcade brings sunshine and flowers

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.

I was looking for a quote for my pictures and came across “Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” It was attributed to Walt Whitman which struck me as bizarre. It does not sound the least bit like Whitman. Whitman wrote things like “Give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling!” The internet is good for many things, but it’s been a disaster to those who want proper attribution for quotes. Thankfully there are those who are combatting error like The Quote Investigator.

The Arcade has arrived and with June comes sunshine and flowers, not just outdoors, but even on the wall.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.

I shot these pictures in the small attic bedroom at the top of Scarlet Creative’s romantic Daisy Weathered House at The Arcade. With ivy and moss on the walls and roofs, delicate floral wallpaper and so many gables it would make Nathaniel Hawthorne jealous, this house is everything.
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Valetine’s Eve

Gidge Is Wearing:
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Gloss: [PF] Doll V2 – Thin Gloss (Red)
Shadow: [PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow – Pink + Wing
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark SX
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ Forest’s Tale – Heart Key Necklace – Pink c/m
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS Left
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS Right
Manicure: A:S:S – Valentine’s Gift from last year
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Esther [LoveJugs 2]
Dress: [Decoy] Mallory Dress – Eggplant (2: Small) COLLABOR88 FEBRUARY 2015
Bag:[HANDverk]Sweet Heart Clutch.be mine
Skin: [PF] Harley – Lid 02 – (ltbrow – A)
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I accept the fact that I’m more than a bit of a Second Life PRUDE. That’s ok. It’s my Second Life and I can be who I want. I respect the fact that you too can be whatever you want. But, I think that when our fantasy existences cross one another, a certain amount of decorum, and well – manners, should be expected.

Case in point.

I got dressed – as pictured, and ventured out because a good friend had new releases that were not to be missed. I actually had several stops on my shopping list, but this first one was a much anticipated release -a must have. Continue reading

Events Are Everywhere!

Events, they’re everywhere. The trick to them is doing what my grandmother would’ve called separating the wheat from the chaff. While I might throw in my vote on the side of “There are too many events” what that really means is – there are too many crap events.

But that’s a generalization and those are never completely accurate now are they? Continue reading

Almost Late for C88!

I don’t normally like to post things so close to closing time, but I really enjoyed my outfit today, so alas, I am going to share it anyway.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Almost Late for C88 - 1

Collabor88 closes it’s doors at 11:59pm slt tonight, so you only have a little time left to go shopping. The new round starts on Sunday.

Helena Stringer - IOF - Almost Late for C88 - 2

I bought one pair of these shoes originally, then found out you can mix and match through the huds. Sadly at the time I did not find the fatpack, and after buying 5 pairs I’m super tempted to ask to pay the difference and get the fatpack, they really are too much fun to play with.


Skin – Dulce Secrets – Mikaia Skin in Cognac Tone/Smoked Makeup – @ Structure Your Skin Project
Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Clara Bow in Darknight
Eyes – CNZ – Real Eyes with Colour Change Hud @ Stuff in Stock
Lashes – N/A
Dress – R2 – A/D/E Kirabi in Navy/Gold @ Collabor88
Stole – Ryvolter – Mink Princess Stole in Champagne @ Collabor88
Shoes – Schadenfreude – Casinelle Shoes @ Collabor88
Jewelry Set – HANDverk – Zelda Set in Green @ Collabor88

TP to Structure Your Skin Project
TP to Stuff in Stock
TP to Collabor88

Poses – KS2Kool

Location – The Rose Theatre & Art Gallery

I Am Ready to Collabor88


My computer is back with a new hard drive, so it’s kind of like starting with a blank slate. It is certainly the cleanest clean install of Second Life I have done as it was the first application I installed. So there I was in-world again after my short hiatus and ready to Collabor88. But first, I had to log in as the LoveDonnaFlora avatar and transfer all the funds to Squinternet after the Love Donna Flora event. All in all, the event raised  $12,619.45 to help support Squinternet’s struggle with cancer. There may be some more coming in after the event, but it is likely to be small and will, of course, be transferred to Squint regularly.

Speaking of Donna Flora, the dress I am wearing is a perfect Collabor88tion of MiaMai’s Monica Outlander and Donna Flora’s Squinternet. Again, Monica executed Squint’s vision, marrying her skills and sensibilities with Squint’s exuberant love of vintage. The result is a dress that seems to have a third collabor88tor in the mix, Gustav Klimt. The blend of fabrics were surely chosen by Squint after consulting with Klimt. And who could be a better collabor88tor for the 1920s. It’s not well known, but Klimt designed some dresses with his lover Emilie Flöge, the couturier. His dresses hung from the shoulders, without a defined and corseted waist and were very bohemian in their aesthetic.
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Leather and Lace


Leather and lace probably would have become a fashion cliche without Stevie Nicks, but she certainly helped it along. Has there been a season of Project Runway without some leather and lace walking down the runway, usually with flowing tulle. Well, it does not have to be a cliche as you can see in this very modern minimalist one button jacket with the small lace punctuation for R2 for Collabor88 and these great Napa leather pants from NYU for faMESHed.


Modern sensibilities continue with the jackets square cut open back. This is as angular as the front is curved. This is a jacket that is thoroughly modern with its few touches of romanticism nearly invisible, as in the black on black brocade sleeves. It is still feminine, but strong and modern. It looks forward, not back and there is not a sentimental stitch in its fabric. You can find it at Collabor88 in an array of bright colors as well as this black and white with a coordinating miniskirt. I opted to pair it with the NYU leather pants to change it up and drop any possibility of it bursting into song “you give me your leather…Take from me my lace.”

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Have a Seat Darling

Have A Seat


HANDverk has released a set of post modern moulded furniture that would be perfect for a vagrant pixel Auntie Mame to terrify suburbanites with.

I’m showing off my favorite piece in the collection right now, a sofa nee chaise fitted with multiple sits and easy adjusting to keep your arms out of the sides.

I will be showing off the entire set soon but I wanted to pair this piece with the avant garde complete outfit I picked up at Black Haus White Market on Lazy Sunday. Lazy Sunday still one of my fave sale days, thanks for keeping it going.

My nails are SO two days ago, from FLAIR where you can get more nails than you can shake a stick at, to color your SLINK mesh nails. I always wear the ones marked ANIM and they move perfectly with my poses. It’s magic.

The hair isn’t a new release but it’s from Amacci, whom I consider to be a staple of quality releases.  You should pop over there if you haven’t been in a while.

Busy Wednesday is Busy.

Be beautiful my loves!

Gidge Is Wearing:
Dress and Skin, leggins and boots: *Black Haus White Market* – Avante Garde
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 5
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 1
Hair: Amacci Hair Nami ~ Vanilla Blond
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (ANIM)
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Quinn – Gaynor natural
Sofa: HANDverk – Eames Lachaise