okay, so I CAN mod my hair, sort of…

I was able to mod my hair last night and move the single offending hair prim out of my cheek. YAY! It took 4 minutes and clicking the move Y- button twenty-two times. NOT SO YAY!  And that was with everything going my way.  I was lucky that i guessed y-minus right off the bat and didn’t spend any time clicking the other 5 options at all. And of course, if the prim had been behind another prim, i woul have spent 10-20 minutes moving one prim out of the way so I could click on the prim I need to move and then moving the prim in the way back to position. Actually, no I wouldn’t, I would have given up and deleted the hair.  Honestly, edit scripts are a poor substitute for being able to edit hair. It’s time-consuming and frustrating. And Damselfly is one of my favorite hair stylists, dagnabbit.But on to more cheerful things like the gorgeous dress from TOSL that I have on.

Isn’t this iridescence beautiful? the kinds of materials that have that kind of shine and brilliance in Real Life would make for an uncomfortably hot dress – or a glass dress that you would be nervous about sitting down in. 8)  But Second Life, you can wear plastic without getting sticky hot or sit down in a glass dress without breaking any glass. OUCH!

The shape of the dress is flattering and fun. Now, I removed the belt that is part of the dress because it occupied one of the attachment points I need for a necklace. NOTE TO DESIGNERS: Please leave at least one point free for jewelry addicts. I actually prefer the dress without the belt however, so that was an easy way to adjust the dress to satisfy my jewelry addiction.

One last photo just to give you a closer look at the funtastic fabric.

Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook MDR Photo Studio
****STYLE NOTES******

  • Skin: Tuli Elizabeth Light Wisteria
  • Eyes: IC-Eyes Soulful Hazel
  • Lashes: CyberNetics L3B1
  • Hair Damselfly liberty
  • Dress: TOSL Punk Princess Sugarplum
  • Shoes: AC Serenity SkinPink
  • Jewelry: Alyssa Bijou Black onyx pearl bracelets, Muse Margaux black pearl Necklace and Celine Drop Earrings
  • Poses: AnnaH Couture

6 thoughts on “okay, so I CAN mod my hair, sort of…

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Actually, I might set a note card to the designer asking the stylist to fix it for me, a reasonable request since they block me from fixing it myself in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Harper

    Beautiful dress, both the fabric and the style! I’ve always said the Christian Lacroix pouf (which this resembles) was never out of style.

  3. EnCore Mayne

    i’m sorry you found the resizing script troublesome love. i use this script in my jewelry pieces. it’s the only manner i’ve found that prevents a specific form of ripping.

    when i first began to read this post i thought you were a designer, the way you were describing your prim manipulations. you must realize the countless hours artists put into their complex pieces. simply put, should those basic pieces not be there for you to fiddle with, you’d have nothing. without this sizing script we’d make nothing.

  4. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    I don’t want designers to have their hair stolen and copied, but others manage to set up permissions in such as way that they don’t use a script. To be frank, as dangerous as it is to edit an original instead of a copy, I would rather have no copy than no mod in hair. Heads have too many variables.

    In jewelry, using a script makes more sense because there’s very little need to isolate and move one prim and you can break jewelry so easily if you edit poorly.

  5. Scar Ayres

    I agree with Cajsa (again). If huge designers like ETD and Cake and almost every other designer on SL can handle their prims being Copy/Mod, I don’t see why Damselfly should be any different. To be honest, if someone wants to steal their hair, they wont copy it prim by prim – they’ll use Copybot to simply remove the permissions and make it full perms. Making hair no mod does NOT discourage thieves AT ALL, it just makes it harder for us regular customers, and as a result makes us less inclined to spend our hard-earned lindens on something that we’d otherwise buy by the barrelful. :(((

  6. Gidge Uriza

    I just picked up an UpDo at Damselfly and I can’t fetch the right prim to fix – and then, it makes the sides poofy where they are supposed to be slick.
    I’ll just mod my hair – but a very slight TUG in edit would’ve coverd my ears properly.
    I still love Damsefly’s styles, but yeah – all of my hair from Cake (of which I own a shitload) I can pull this way and that without issue.
    Nothing deters thieves anyway, the whole concept of the copybot continues to floor me – I thougth it was a joke when I first heard it.

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