All About Me – Items With My Name!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I started this project last year, slowly collecting items with MY name in them. I don’t have beautiful braided hair named after me (grins at Cajsa) but I have managed over the past year to collect some things with both my nickname and my proper name in them which tickles me to no end.

For Clarification – I’m Bridgette. I’m also GIDGE which is not only my SL Avatar’s name, it’s the nickname I answer to in RL. In most instances it’s how I distinguish between friends and acquaintances.

Friends call me Gidge.

My collectioin started off with the GIDGE ensemble from A Piece of Candy that Cajsa gave me last year. Over time I’ve added other pieces,dresses, hair, some custom skins (which get delivered with my name so that counts!) and now….finally A SHAPE!

KRYS created the BRIDGETTE shape and being that it was spelled correctly it was a must have even if it’s not going to be my normal shape I HAD to get it.

Odd isn’t it – how completely we define ourselves sometimes by our shape. My first thought in wearing this was – oh it’s cute but…….

It’s not me.

Even if it IS me! HA!

I just need some GIDGE or Bridgette SHOES!

No Review Items Worn In This Post!

But – It’s ALL ABOUT ME!

Ok you guys want slurls……..I didn’t collect them before hand so I’ll give you what I have.

  • Shape – Krys – Bridgette Shape – This was on the MALT SIM I think!
  • Skin – Soda- Custom Skin
  • Eyes – Poetic Color  – Lilac Blossoms
  • Outfit – GIDGE by A Piece of Candy
  • Shoes – Marie Jeanne by Insolence
  • Hair – ETD – BRIDGET in Strawberry

2 thoughts on “All About Me – Items With My Name!

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    What I loved about the A Piece of Candy outfit is not just that is was named Gidge – which made it a must buy – but that it was also something that was very much what you would wear.

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