Commentary with a Dash of Glitter

Callie Cline released a cotton-candy sweet confection called the little glitter dress. Perfect name. It’s little, especially in length and it glitters with all the soft pastels of spring. I adore the dress and thought it was perfect for the softly romantic new Chloe skin from Exile.

The shoes are from Kookie – a fun pair of wedges that I have found irresistible lately.

I don’t know about you, but when my dress is that short, I have to wear tights. I chose one of my favorite pairs and now I have to apologize because they are no longer for sale. These are the G.L.A.M. Metallic Lycra Tintable Tights. They come in three shades of silvery gray that allow me to tint them to the color and shade I want. There are alternatives at many stores and you can search for tintable tights, but for me. I love these. Love, love, love them.  They are certainly my favorite freebie of all time.

I don’t know why Viva La Glam (the newest name of G.L.A.M.) closed its doors. Some stores close for personal reasons such as the heavy work load of school or the stress of illness. Some close because the sales don’t justify the hours of work. Some close in frustration with not making headway, or in exhaustion from the many demands for participation in fairs and expos. Some close because they can hardly create faster than the copybotters steal from them and get tired of working for the benefit of thieves.  Some quit because they get tired of unreasonable customer demands. Some just get tired of the game.. We cannot really know, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do to help encourage our favorite retailers to stay. Here are just  a few ideas, and I bet you can think of more:

  1. Be thankful for freebies and group gifts.
  2. Read their profiles before making customer service complaints or asking for help.
  3. Be polite when asking for help. It may be your one and only pressing issue, but retailers may have several issues to fix, investigate and work on. Give them time to investigate your complaints.
  4. Don’t buy copied items, accept copied items as gifts or pass them on.
  5. If you love a store, tell your friends. SL is a very competitive market and too many disappear before the rest of us even know they were there.
  6. Tell people where you bought something when they admire it. They aren’t trying to look like you and if you keep your favorite stores a secret, they might not make enough money to stay open – then you lose.

I wore two necklaces with this dress for twice the glittery fun. The long necklace is from Swallowtail – the Bubble necklace and it’s a perfect fit for the dress. The shorter necklace is from lucas lameth’s store [luc] and I am wearing the matching earrings as well. It’s a love enamal pendant with flowers. The hair is from eha, the store I have been dragging my friends to for the last month because I love the hair and want them to stay in business and keep on making beautiful new hair for me.

The new skin release from Exile’s Kavar Cleanslate is an exquisitely soft and gentle skin for the romantic in you. With softly shaded highlights, it is very romantic and feminine. I love how well this Myst makeup goes with the outfit.

Promotional Copies are denoted by a Bold R

  • Poses: Sweet, Lovely Cute
  • Skin: Exile Chloe Creme Myst R
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Gold Flakes Medium
  • Lashes: Lelutka Diva Prim Lashes
  • Hair: eha Rin R
  • Dress: Callie Cline Little Glitter Dress R
  • G.L.A.M. Tintable Metallic Tights
  • Shoes: Kookie City Wedges Mint
  • Jewelry: luc Vintage Humble blossoms, SwallowTail Bubble Bracelet and Necklace

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