The House of QXI Moves to Zindra

posted by Gidge Uriza

Silo and I live on a swath of mainland which is neither glamorous nor fascinating. However it’s our little stretch and we like it fine. We’ve always tried to make friends with our neighbors (even the weird pyramid sex club people) and because of that we’ve gained a great friend, QXI Gears.  But since the new NOTTI RULES have been passed, she had to move her gallery to Zindra.

If you are unfamiliar with her work, she does digital erotic art. Now – no it’s not the kind your boyfriend is secretly creating by choosing “Quiet Snapshots to Disk” but instead is something of an all together different sort.

In short – it’ll blow your mind and your concepts of erotic art out of the water. Click here if you’d like to check out her work. Oh, and did I mention she has a lucky chair? That’s right – Erotic Art In a Lucky Chair!

QXI’s art only sometimes depicts the pretty people, but often times is sharing with you the reality of what sexuality looks like among real people. She also carries throughout the gallery strong BDSM themes to the point that I’ll often go “WHOA what is going on THERE?”. No lie. 🙂

I got onto the grid late and couldn’t attend their gala opening but I thought that this cocktail dress from Wetherby’s, #109, just fit the bill. I still love that for a pittance more you can pickup coordinating shoes for all of their dresses.

style notes:

***Bold R Denotes a Review Item***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Skin – Tuli – Hope – Group Gift – STAR
  • Hair – Truth – Twiggy – Tahiti
  • Lashes – Cybernetic
  • Dress – Wetherby’s #109 Embellished Sleeve Dress- Dress and Shoes R
  • Necklace – Swallowtail – Big Gem Necklace- Blue
  • Nails – Adam n Eve – Rogue
  • Slurl to The House of QXI

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  1. sloitkutmaynard

    Oh Gidge!
    Thanks for coming by to the gallery – you were beautiful as always and we so enjoy your company.

    I am working on something for you *winks!
    But its a surprise and you’ll just have to wait – see you soon! And thanks for the mention.

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