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Sunday Funday

I’m playing with beautiful windlights today. I’m not much of a collector of windlights, or creator of them either. I’m a LAZY windlight user. But my friend Kavar posted this one a while back and I had to get around to picking it up. I actually just had to go look it up for the link and see a couple more I’m going to need.

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A Unique Problem Tinting My Skin HUD


The minute I saw the vendor ad for her newest release on Milla Michanga’s timeline, I knew I had to have it. I hurried to the store and picked it up in a couple colors because it is such a flattering style and one that looks like it might layer well with jackets. It has a beautiful bodice and softly ruffled skirt in a nice light cotton knit with a snug torso in a waffle knit of the same color. The contrasting fabrics give it a slightly sporty look, but that does not mean you can’t dress it up with accessories if that’s your whim.

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Shocking! Culture Shock is coming to an end

Culture Shock Closes May 26

Tomorrow is the last day of Culture Shock and time is running out for you to save lives by  spending your lindens on fabulous fashions. I know buying a dress at Culture Shock rather than somewhere else seems a pittance, but your lindens make a difference. Your purchase of this dress buys the antibiotics to treat 3 children with pneumonia. The skin or the jewelry will buy vaccination against meningitis for 10 years! You see, many of the things that can save lives are relatively inexpensive, but it’s getting them to where they are needed that makes all the difference. That is what makes Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders so very important. Unlike many other aid organizations, they have no affiliation with any government, ideology or religion and have no agenda beyond providing the health care that saves lives where it’s most needed. This means they are uniquely trusted and able to operate in places where others are not welcome.

With projects in over 60 countries, MSF is saving lives not only around the world but here at home, wherever home may be. We like to think we are secure and isolated from the ravages of famine, disease and hunger but illness is infectious. No man is an island, particularly when it comes to viruses. People who are not motivated to support good health care for everyone out of a belief in access to health care as a human right, should be motivated by self-interest and the need to combat diseases before they become international epidemics.

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Could you conquer this carnival?

May 25

One of my favorite features of the clothing from Torn - by Torn Difference - is the bright, vibrant prints. Incidentally, this mesh top fits so perfectly with my Medium Standard Size-optimized shape, I didn't even wear the alpha! The mon tissue Westbury Mini continues to dominate. I am so happy I fat-packed that skirt because it has become a Go-To item for me.

I’ve got it bad
What do I do with this ache that I have?
Just let it be,
Or should I use all the tricks up my sleeve?

This ain’t a game
This ain’t a game I want to play
All the pieces are frayed
And there are rules
Oh, these are rules I can’t obey

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He Had It Coming

Grand Opening Nzuri

I suppose since Gidge and I both were at the Nzuri grand opening party, it makes sense that we both ended up blogging our lingerie today. Totally not a coordinated plan. It was a fun party and the lovely ladies who attended mostly wore lingerie since that is her store’s specialty niche. I DJ’ed for the party a fun set of burlesque and cocktail jazz music with some new remixes and modern electro-jazz. When Tracy Rubble, Nzuri’s owner/creator mentioned that Cell House Tango was one of her favorites, I had to add it to the set.

He Had It Coming

That was when we got raided.

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One Bad Pixel Don’t Spoil the Whole Bunch

One Bad Pixel

In case you slept through yesterday, a new collaboration has launched featuring high quality mesh clothing from two established designers who are working together to develop a line of mesh clothing that is naughty and nice. One Bad Pixel is naughtily sexy, with figure-hugging styles that lay so beautifully against the skin and it’s nicely done, made with attention to detail, flawless texturing and fabulous colors. This is the Pearl dress in Aubergine – just one in a double rainbow of colors.

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The Grasslands

Noweeta Grassland

I spent far too much shopping this weekend with so many new releases and events that I decided to take a break and go for a walk at the fabulous Noweeto Grasslands. I thought the lizard tote from Celoe would love to go for a walk with me.

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I have no title, but today is just the day and is that lightbulb out? Meanwhile, the weekend awaits.

Meshed up

Sometimes I have my pictures shot and everything ready to post and I paste in the bit of code from Flickr® for my first picture and come to a dead stop, tripped up by lack of a title or any sort of idea for the post. It’s then that I envy those bloggers who started out numbering their posts. I could just call this 1643 and be done with it. Instead, though, I resorted to that best of all places for help, advice and suggestions, the much-maligned world of Plurk. Within minutes I had plenty of ideas. I think the first idea was to let my cat choose my title.

Plurk is sort of like Twitter in that it is based on 140 character plurks of information, but unlike twitter, all responses hang into a single plurk drop-down window on your timeline. It has a large contingent of Second Life users and unlike so many other social media, embraces Second Life exuberantly. You can have your pseudonymous avatar account, no questions asked. You can even list your home as Second Life and Second Life has its own special front page. Because it has such a large cross-section of Second Life, it brings people from many different walks of SLife together. Anytime you have lots of people in the public square, folks will bump shoulders and have a dispute here and there. That’s human nature and is not caused by Plurk, but by the gravitational pull of the numbers of participants. However, Plurk provides all the tools we need to avoid conflict. It’s just that we choose not to mute, block and disregard. As Cassius said, “The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in the stars. But in ourselves…” Plurk is what you make it and I have found it a wonderful community of brave, bold and creative people.
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The gift of silence


I was wandering about on Christmas Eve enjoying the quiet as I visited a few sims. I stopped at Alirium and wandering among the trees I came across an elk. I stopped and waited quietly, hoping he would not hear and take flight. Fortunately for me, elk in Second Life are much more calm and prone to stay in place than real life elk. I was once closer than this to an elk. I was deer hunting with my brothers, standing post on the side of a meadow while my older brother walked through the woods making noise so the deer would flee in our general direction. I heard a soft huff behind me and turned slowly and right across the old logging road, about 8 feet away was an old elk. You could see he was an ancient of the forest, far too old and tough for good venison. We looked at each other, both of us still and silent, and stood there hushed for what felt like several minutes but in the relativity of time may have been only seconds. After a bit, he made another huffing sound and walked quietly away. Later I showed my brothers his tracks and told them about how magical it was and they were thrilled for me. People often ask why I didn’t shoot him, though my brothers never did. They, like me, thought he had earned his peaceful passage.

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