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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Story has it that Pauline Kael, the late great film critic, was in Italy where she saw a poster for a James Bond film with the title “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and she quipped “Those words are perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies” They were also the title of one of her books and later of a a film noir send up with Robert Downey, Jr. and Val Kilmer. In Second Life, though, it’s a clothing store – one with fun clothing at amazing prices. My bright yellow dress is from KKBB and was only three lindens. It comes in several colors, but I loved the yellow – a bright yellow in default lighting.
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The Jellyfish Gallery

I have a confession. This shoot started with the jewelry. Anytime there is new jewelry at Donna Flora I’m pretty much in love and stoned on girly goodness to such a point that it’s difficult for me to actually MAKE blogging decisions. But I struggled through my joy and decided it was a purple and yellow moment for me today.
But then, where to shoot?
I was really, really in love with what I had on and decided to pull out Cajsa’s big list of In World Photo Sites and well, I just picked some place RANDOM.
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Shhhhh! I am not supposed to be saying this! But some of you may have seen the drama Elusyve and I had with our store mascots over at GESTICULATE! Well – we had NO choice but to simply let them all go and hold auditions for new store mascots.

As that excitement grew, we realized that the gnomes were never EVER going to let us go – so we did the only thing we could. We completely rebranded and moved everything. As a matter of fact, the gnomes don’t know we’re gone. They’re still sitting around listening to the lucky chair call letters at the old place. Continue reading