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Not Too Late

Not Too Late

I was going to blog this lovely gown I picked up at Culture Shock, but I ran out of time. Culture Shock closed yesterday and I am eager to hear how much was raised in total. Anyway, although this was a donation gown at Culture Shock, it will be available after the event at Vanguard, a store that features wonderfully bold and provocative clothing.

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Could you conquer this carnival?

May 25

One of my favorite features of the clothing from Torn - by Torn Difference - is the bright, vibrant prints. Incidentally, this mesh top fits so perfectly with my Medium Standard Size-optimized shape, I didn't even wear the alpha! The mon tissue Westbury Mini continues to dominate. I am so happy I fat-packed that skirt because it has become a Go-To item for me.

I’ve got it bad
What do I do with this ache that I have?
Just let it be,
Or should I use all the tricks up my sleeve?

This ain’t a game
This ain’t a game I want to play
All the pieces are frayed
And there are rules
Oh, these are rules I can’t obey

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Why Does The Caged Bird Sing ?

Why Does The Caged Bird Sing?

If you are anything like me, you have a long list of places you “used” to shop. Store from your newbie days that lay scattered behind you like the wake of a forgetful fashionista’s shopping habit. Often times, returning to these stores after years of being away is a horror – nothing has changed AND it’s BEEN YEARS. There are few things that make me pull the southern belle out to say “oh bless their heart” when a shop didn’t ever progress with the trends and fashions with everyone else. Continue reading

A Highly Improbable Gown

Dance in the Wind

One of the joys of Second Life is being able to wear completely impractical gowns that might not be impossible in real life, but would be highly improbable. Take the Dance in the Wind gown from Gizza, for example. You can teleport from place to place in Second Life, but in the real world, you would have to get that skirt to end all skirts inside a vehicle to go anywhere. Well, that won’t happen. So say you decide to walk the 4.8 miles to the ballroom, the dress is so full of life and so sensitive to every pulse of the wind, it’s like walking in the midst of a white tornado – so that won’t happen either. But in Second Life, you don’t have to worry about transport or being able to see where you’re going so you can wear an extravagantly flamboyant gown.

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Black Friday


I come from a town with only one store and I can list everything it sold. Eggs, bread, butter, burgers and fries, hot dogs and onion rings, 3.2 beer and soda, minnows and earthworms and that’s about it, other than renting canoes, boats and cabins. Needless to say, it didn’t have a Black Friday sale. The next town down the road had a gas station and a grocery store though only with the most basic fresh foods. For something so esoteric as, let’s say, broccoli, you would have to drive 50 miles or more. With that background, Black Friday never caught on. I guess that leaves me looking askance at those who wait in line for hours to shop. There’s nothing I want that much.
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