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Gemütlichkeit: A Feeling of Comfort & Coziness

Gemütlichkeit (German, n.): a feeling of comfort, cosiness, homeliness.

Gemütlichkeit is a world I picked up from this wonderful web site I found the other day. Even it it means you wander away for hours, I want you to check you out. It’s a collection of untranslatable words. Words that convey concepts, that have no equivalent in our language, at least not in a single word. It is fun.

Gemütlichkeit (German, n.): a feeling of comfort, cosiness, homeliness.

I am wearing the dress I wore in my last blog post, in a print this time. It comes in a solid or print version with six options in the texture huds. My last post was nothing but head shots, so I wanted to show you the back which is just so adorable. The house is the San Clemente from Barnesworth Anubis. It’s a great house and I will show you around inside, but the name makes me think of Richard Nixon, since that was where he was from.
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Skin Fair Gets Ready to Kick Off

I like vintage swim suits a lot. I suppose it’s because half of SL has their bits hanging out all the dang time, I find it more alluring to cover mine up.

Surf Co. has an offering of summer funtimes items at The Arcade and this not so little bikini is one of them.

I thought it was a great time to trot out a bikini when I’m ready to launch into what will probably we a WEEK of really sharing great skins from skin fair. Yes, a week. There is a lot of awesome.

My goals for Skin Fair this year are two fold. One goal is to find a new every day go to skin to add to my repertoire. I have a handful of trusted, quality skinners that I wear regularly. But it feels like branching out and adding another one or two is in order. Who knows what gems I will find? My other goal is to stretch my wings and try out skins that while they might not be me, are creative and inviting to wear.  Continue reading

Raid My Halloween Closet


In another installment for the Raid My Closet challenge, I dug way back to Halloween’s past (2008) for this Katatonik Day of the Dead dress. It’s survived dozens of inventory purges simply because I love it – even though there’s not much chance to wear it.
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Bippity Boppity Bloom

Please Let Me In!

Salagadoola two chicks'll boola Gidgery-Cajsary-boo === Put 'em together and what have you got Gidgery-Cajsary-boo

Our story opens at Hollow Hill’s Arkham Theatre where Gidgery Bloom is trying to buy a ticket for They Call Me Cthulhu. Gidgery pleads, “Please let me in, I swear I am over 17.”

Cajsary scoffs, “Over 17 inches, maybe.”

Bloom Dolls on the Hunt

Salagadoola mechicka boola Gidgery-Cajsary-booWe'll do magic === believe it or not Gidgery-Cajsary-boo

Gidgery was undaunted. “Well, if you won’t let me in, let’s go do the Platinum Hunt.” “Hmm, Blooms on the Hunt. Sounds fun,” muses Cajsary. “The film for the  movie has melted anyway.”

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It is what it is


Today’s blog post title comes from Mouse Mimistrobell of Dark Mouse fame. It works for this post because rather than attempting to explain the surrealist dreamscape that you find at Daytime Dreams where I shot the pictures, sometimes it just makes more sense to say “It is what it is” and simply enjoy the whimsical beauty without seeking any deeper meaning.


I added several pictures from the sim to Sasy Scarborough’s Second Life Stock Images Pool. Sometimes people prefer shooting in a studio and adding the background later. This is a source for great backgrounds from within SL.
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Gidgery Bloom Strikes a Pose

I would like you to meet my dolly alter-ego, Gidgery Bloom.

Gidgery is even more girly and prissy than me.  Her biggest concern was that she could maintain proper accessories in her dolly shape. THANK GOD SHE COULD !

Now I’m going to wait for the rest of my dolly friends to have a picnic! And after that, the oral sex.

Happy Sunday!

Your Shopping List:
Gidgery Bloom Shoot
DOLL AV – from Surf Co – BLOOM Doll – BOO
Hair – EXILE – Penny – Pearl
Top – A-bomb – Daisy Cami – Lavender
Pants -Ibizarre – Leather Pants for culture shock
Shoes – Miamai – Mina – in Rose for Shoe Fair
Nails – Ibizarre – Dark violett
Earrings – Miao Lila for Culture Shock
Bangles – Miao – Jouney for culture shock
Rings – Right Hand – Miao – Frances – Statement Ring
Left hand – Dark Mouse – Brilliance
Poses – STaTUS babydoll poses