Mother, May I?


This blog title was brought to you courtesy of boyo on Plurk. When I asked for blog title ideas last night, I got a few and I am going to use them. Besides, it sort of fits with the intrepid Toonip Bloom I have sent off exploring today. Exploring Second Life is one thing, exploring islands with pirates! is another. But intrepid Toonip is intrepid and heads off without a worry or without asking, “Mother, may I?” Of course, it’s easy to feel intrepid when you’re looking all sweet and wonderful in Neferia’s Abel’s newest collection for L’Abel.

By the way, I am playing hooky to go exploring. You see, there’s a new feed in town and so I decided to lope off and play hooky so I could tell you about it. It’s the SL Style Academy and there are new-to-me bloggers on the feed, which is always a plus. It has a fun conceit and I love that they stick with it in their feed design.

Add the fabulous Coral Frills pump from S@bbia which can be found at the Shoe Fair, and you’re unstoppable. I am using some more of the Bent! poses made specially for the Bloom dolls.

The outfit is the lovely Farmer Girl top and bloomers in Peach Pink. Who can resist bloomers with lovely eyelet lace? And then there’s the magnificent embroidery details on the bodice. This is about as cute as they come. I added the Golden Stockings from Toe Moth which have fun details such as holes in the knees from exploring!

The hat and hair come together in a lovely hairpiece from Ohmai. It was a challenge enlarging this style for the Bloom head, but so worth it when that hat is full of color and print choices.

Here’s a closer look at the gorgeous lace in the bodice. You can also see the gloves from 5th & Oxford. The store is closed now, but I have hopes that Roslin Petion will be back soon with more gorgeous fashion – and perhaps more of her fabulous gloves.

***STYLE NOTES******

  • Poses: !Bent Bloom Doll Poses
  • Skin: Surf Co. Bloom Toonip Bloom
  • Hair: Ohmai Narae
  • Top: L’Abel Farmer Girl Peach Pink
  • Pants: L’Abel Farmer Girl Peach Pink Bloomers
  • Socks: Rotten Toe Moth Golden Stocking by Elsa Liebknecht (at temp location so check her profile picks)
  • Shoes: S@bbia Coral Frills Pumps
  • Jewelry: Bliensen & MaiTai Flores Choker
  • Location: DDLE2

One thought on “Mother, May I?

  1. boyo

    I’m famous! 🙂

    There’s something about these photos, the tone and such, that is reminding me of my recent visit to the Steampunk City event. I keep imagining that she’s on an Airship; that would be quite the adventure, no? No doubt her mother wouldn’t sign that permission slip either.

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