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Joining the Faculty

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 12.30.59 PMIt’s Only Fashion has been part of the SL Style Academy  since shortly after its founding. It’s one of my favorite feeds, rich with blogs that feature excellent photos and conveniently separating fashion bloggers from store announcements. The academic metaphor is fun and leads to cute titles for the different parts of the Academy’s blog.

One of their innovations is allowing members of the faculty (fashion bloggers) to highlight favorite fellow faculty members and contributors to the book store (designers). I was lucky enough to be asked to highlight my own favorites from the faculty this month, so I hope you pop over there and check out my picks.

I won’t tell you who I picked, so you have to go look for yourself. It’s on the sidebar under Faculty Picks.

Mother, May I?


This blog title was brought to you courtesy of boyo on Plurk. When I asked for blog title ideas last night, I got a few and I am going to use them. Besides, it sort of fits with the intrepid Toonip Bloom I have sent off exploring today. Exploring Second Life is one thing, exploring islands with pirates! is another. But intrepid Toonip is intrepid and heads off without a worry or without asking, “Mother, may I?” Of course, it’s easy to feel intrepid when you’re looking all sweet and wonderful in Neferia’s Abel’s newest collection for L’Abel.

By the way, I am playing hooky to go exploring. You see, there’s a new feed in town and so I decided to lope off and play hooky so I could tell you about it. It’s the SL Style Academy and there are new-to-me bloggers on the feed, which is always a plus. It has a fun conceit and I love that they stick with it in their feed design.

Add the fabulous Coral Frills pump from S@bbia which can be found at the Shoe Fair, and you’re unstoppable. I am using some more of the Bent! poses made specially for the Bloom dolls.
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