Party Foul

posted by Gidge Uriza

I went out for a night of art gallery hopping, specifically to run by my friend Monroe’s newest project. When I came back to my room the other guests and I had some drinkee poos……and well……I’m not really sure how this happened.  You know, blender drinks do sneak up on ya……

I had taken advantage of my night out to check out a store I’d never been to, Truth. They have this rockin little shaggy ‘do for a linden, in a fatpack of about a bajillion colours.  Pairing it up with a sweet cocktail dress from Pink Couture and some chunky pearls from Armidi, the hair brought a really modern edge to that evening’s look. A girly dress and big pearls could go either way – very traditional up do was also an option but I just really wanted to give this hair from Truth a spin.

I love the originality and spunky fun of the collection at Pink Couture and have only one comment on this dress – the glitch pants are way too long and no mod.  So when gallery hopping or stepping over dead hotel-mates, my glitch pants come poking out beneathy my skirt. Cajsa shot around it……but here you can see them. Since they are dark, they really show up against the photosourced ruffle.

Regardless, fun dress, fun hair!

Now, I think I am going to have to pack up and go home though, there is only so much fresh air that mainland Sim girl like me can take!  Back to Quiricosta I go!

Fashion Details
Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
Skin – Party Red by Peppermint Blue
Hair – Kensei 2 Dark Blonde Light
Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
Dress – Roxanna Red from Pink Couture
Shoes – Tesla Shiny Felicity in Red
Necklace – Armidi Gisaci Pearls
Nails – Rogue by Adam N Eve

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