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posted by Gidge Uriza

I am notorious for buying cute clothes and then either forgetting about them for months OR for not being able to remember WHERE I bought them. I’m ashamed to admit I only learned a few months ago to check the clothes CREATOR and I could usually track them down. I don’t know why I never applied this skill to clothing – I KNEW it worked for objects. Who knows – I’m mostly blonde.

Not today obviously, but mostly.

Regardless I dug out this sweet number to wear to the opening of a new exhibit at S&S Fine Art gallery after getting a note from my friend Stefanik – the curator. Waiting for the Bus is the new exhibit which was quirky and fun, and I was glad I dropped in despite the fact that I’d missed the soiree. S&S has remodeled again and I’m going to have to go back when I have more time to stroll through the galleries.

There is a very fun, eclectic mix of art displayed there and if you haven’t been I highly recommend checking it out at some point.

My point about being mostly blonde is made because after I decided how much I really really liked this dress, and remembered how much I REALLY REALLY liked the store…….I thought – I’ll go running over and pick up a gown or two (or 10). So I remember the name is Sevan or Seven and I start hunting.

I run to Velvet – was it there? I run to Juicy Boardwalk……….was it there? Was it on Moosh and now Moosh is gone!?! OMG! I AM GOING TO DIE WHERE IS THIS STORE?

Then I remember we got a comment from the owner……..on a previous Cajsa post……….and through backtracking I figure out that the store is NOW called Pink Couture (or was it ALWAYS called that and I’m a dork?)This is the slurl to Pink Couture. And now we’re linking to their blog so YOU TOO can get all the girly goodness they have to offer.

The story is full of girly loveliness……..I get GIDDY at the sight. It’s so wonderfully arranged by color scheme – and the prices can’t be beat for fun, flitty summery dresses both formal and casual.

And yes I bought.

After all, there will be more art gallery exhibits, and shopping trips, and social gatherings and…….

well – you know…..

*An Aside – I’m wearing the previously proclaimed BEST FREEBIE EARRINGS IN SL! Check’em out in Green & Red with Silver for the metal tones. I heart Tekeli li.

Fashion Details
Shape – Peppermint Blue 190 CM
Skin – Peppermint Blue – Party Red
Eyes – FNKY – Purple Rain
Hair – Laqroki – June in dark brown (review item given by creator)
Dress – Pink Couture – Laleh
Shoes – Indyra – Coquette Noir in Cordial Red
Necklace – RiCX – Mystic Emeralds
Earrings – Tekeli Li – Prismatic Earrings freebie from Onrez (yes I am linking to them TWICE you need these earrings).

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