Modavia Fashion Week 2011.17


Wednesday kicked off with two hair salons presenting collections. The first was Mirja Mills EMOtions with fabulously romantic flowing and embellished hair. The one on the lower right is a must for me, I think.

Vanity Affair

Vanity Hair is known for highly stylized concept styles and yesterday’s collection was no exception. I particularly love The Blind Side, the extreme  beehive with a wisp of hair covering the eyes.

Secret Store

Maylee Oh’s Secret Store runway show was one of the more highly anticipated shows as crowds gathered to see it. It did not disappoint. A collection with warm textiles, gorgeous knits and gabulous colors, it’s the detail that really excite me. Details like the three buttons on the skirts and the fun little gloves and hair bows. The print on the back of the black and yellow jacket is stunning. It would be the one show in which I crashed, perhaps because the place was packed!


The Vogue collection is a remarkable miss of fabulous cocktail dresses and ball gowns and clever and darling knits and jackets.
More looks from Vogue. The knit top on the upper right is just stunning in person and I think that bolero jacket on the lower right could be one of those must-have little jackets that can be worn with anything.


Azoury had a collection of fabulous outfits that can be remixed so many way. The blue top with the ruffles has my name written all over it.

Azoury 2
There’s many beautiful knits, sweaters, jackets and skirts. The details on the pants in the upper left are amazing and I am serious love with the red military jacket.

Peqe did a joint show with Magoa and the contrast between the two collections was a very dramatic element. In Inex Hax’s collection for Peqe we see classic reinterpreted with a modern edge such as the curving sides in the top left or the asymmetrical hem in the silver print top. The color palette is black, white and gray, but it’s a gray rainbow.

Then there is the exuberant and colorful Magoa collection from Keira Seerose that is there to cater to our Inner Gaga. We all have a little bit of Gaga inside of us waiting to express itself, if we only have the nerve. It’s collections like Magoa that remind us that fashion is art, not just clothing. We can look at this collection and wonder if the straightjacket floral top is commentary on the madness and limitations of following trends or look at the eyeball skirt and consider its expression of the cost of SLebrity or we could just look at the collection in its entirety and think it’s just fun. Fun and fashion – that’s high concept.


Eboni Khan’s collection from Hucci was next and it was pure Hucci – meticulously crafted clothing that is fundamentally sexy and provocative but never vulgar.

Giereh is completely new to me, but I sure loved most of the collection. That red swing coat is gorgeous, I love the textures in the autumn print and the red dress with the sheer under skirt is to die for.

It was a great day for fashion and there’s even more today.

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