A Tale of Two Kitties…or Three…or Four….

Ok so I had the turtles but I just could never remember to feed them. So, they died.
But I got my first set of kitties, SNAKE PLISSKIN (pictured above) and Flo, and well……….
now I’m hooked.

And then they released the Valentine kitties……..and I added Sherbet to the family.

The service from KittycatS has been amazing too.  I had a bug where when I would detach a kitty it’d vanish from my inventory (where it went after being detached). KittycatS has a support page where you just go fill out some info – including your kitty ID number and WHAM they just return your kitty to you from magic kitty land.

The longest it ever took to get one back was like an hour. And – the problem seems to have stopped so YAY.

Last night I went and got ANOTHER Valentine kitty. I got ANOTHER orange male. But……I don’t know if I can trade him.

Of course it occurs to me that I forget what I named him. My husband and I were doing shots. So it’s not my fault.

So finally I’m nursing my FIRST FULL ON pet addiction. I suppose that’s not so bad, it took me four years to really get hooked.
Now the question is……do I BUY another female or do I trade one of my orange boys? Because – I love my orange boys.
I could buy two more females so they each have a girl……….
the number of cats lounging around my house suddenly is staggering. I could have one pair on each floor of my house if I had three pair though………
Seriously, I’m hooked. Time to go look at the KittycatS website to see whats for trade….

Ahhhhhh, KittycatS. You had me at MEOW.

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Hair – Blonde – TRUTH – Adele – Swedish
  • Top – Magoa – from CHIC LIMITED EVENT – Peek a boo
  • Jeans – Sn@tch – Rode Hard Jeans
  • Skin – Belleza – Erika
  • Nails – Sn@tch – Nail candy
  • Ring – Earthstones – Destiny Wedding set

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Kitties…or Three…or Four….

  1. Rosie Shark

    This is dangerous… but yea you can’t just delete one of the boys 😛 Might as well just get another girl so you can have a set! I got my first 2 yesterday and, well, yes, I can see why they are addicting haha! Cute pics!

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