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There ain’t no V-day on station Insilico

It’s true, aliens hate valentine’s. Something to do with mushy cards and expressing your feelings, it makes them angry. I didn’t want to upset anyone so I threw away my pink lace panties and opted for this cyberpunk outfit from Blue Blood called Beatrix.

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Quest For A Viewer To Make Sweet Love To

Sascha Frangilli continues to create outside the ballgown arena, and this recent release  CHOCOLATE was perfectly suited for Gidge on a day when no Viewer would let her love it. YOU HEARD ME. NO VIEWER LOVES ME.

I love the texture of the pants, slinky sexy and still girly. Sascha knows my Barbie Doll. Plus they look good on my ass.

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This was a difficult color for me, since I consider Sepia to be a brown with a tinge of orange… and I DO NOT like orange… lol… ok.. now having said that…. LOOK what I found!

I just started randomly going through my clothing landmarks and I happened upon these REALLY cute steampunk-ish ankle boots.  Loved and thought you all might as well.  Go pick your self up a pair of Miss Dandy, bronze gears at lassitude and ennui!

Style Notes…..

Ok I said it in my post but…..

ankle boots…. lassitude and ennui, bronze gears

not much skin showing, but…..

skin….. League, Amber-sunkiss