Soooooooo…….You're Pierced, Eh?

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This is a true life tale – inspired by the fashion in these photos. What you see is another DELICIOUS win from the SN@TCH lucky chair – AWESOME dress eh?

Once Upon A Time,

Dressed about like this….a young Gidge sat in a cavernous dark Goth Bar in Seattle with her boyfriend – the King of the Top Hat Wearing Goth boys.  The Biggest Scariest Goth Man (who at about 45 clearly lived in his Mom’s basement and worked at the Target by Day and was only out to scare the 20 somethings by the light of the moon) came strolling over to our dark and pensive corner to exchange angst with us.

During the course of the conversation, it is revealed that he’s sporting a Prince Albert piercing. In my dark and gloomy youth, I wasn’t aware of what that was, so I innocently asked what that meant.

And he showed me – RIGHT THERE.

Since that day, so long ago clad in black clothes and white face powder – this very act has happened to me repeatedly. If I meet a guy, who has his man bit pierced – he’ll show me. EVERY TIME. There can be 300 people in a room and if I run into the guy with the naughty bit piercing, he’ll whip it out and show it to me on the spot. It has caused my husband quite a bit of consternation as you can imagine.

As a matter of fact, I’d say he doesn’t care for it – NOT ONE LITTLE BIT.  🙂

I rather think it’s a bit funny. I’m not sure why it happens, because none of these gentleman ever got any Gidge Favors out of wagging their mutilated Modern Primitive Genitalia in my direction.

I would have also been clad in Doc Martens back in the day, but only because they didn’t make these delicious Stiletto Moody boots in RL back when I was a pensive young thing.

**And just a note – I had a previous Cigarette I’d been wearing that I like the look of but it SMOKES like mad and drives Cajsa crazy during shooting. It covers up my face and eyes, and is hard to shoot around. Miffy showed up wearing a BETTER looking cigarette for shooting so I ran over to Cafe de FEIZM and picked up one, I think it was about L$10 for a black Euro looking cigarette that smokes very little.

Click Here to see the Entire Emo Girl On the Tracks Photo Shoot

All Photography by Cajsa Lilliehook of MDR  Photo Studios.

Fashion Details

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Sinsation Pale Female Tattoo skin by Bodies by OH
  • Eyes – FNKY Purple Rain
  • Hair – Hamony Geisha Hair by Orchid Dreams
  • Dress – SN@TCH 80 Sweater Dress in Cocoa
  • Socks – Izumiya – from Peppermint Blue freebie pack
  • Boots- Stiletto Moody Gladiator Boots in Black
  • Earrings – Izumiya – Black Cat pierced earrings
  • Cigarette – Cafe de FEIZM

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  1. Efemera Bisiani

    Oh, I didn’t know you’d met my friend ******!! Looking very intense there, love it!

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