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How do you Hoodoo?

Helena Stringer - IOF - How do you Hoodoo - 1
World Goth Fair is still going strong, with a little over a week left of the event. It officially ends on May 31st. There are so many musical things happening before then, which will be held at the Club Gothika. You can keep up to date on all the happenings on the Official Site HERE.

I don’t often get a chance to cover Home&Garden items. I don’t own a home, never have. I have always thought the prims best used for other things, on the lands I own. It does create issues, when I do get the urge to cover something that isn’t fashion, or when I feel the need for an actual location to show something off properly.

I picked up this gothic looking skybox from Roawenwood this week, as I felt it would work well with my WGF coverage. If it wasn’t roundish, I might have even used it as my work studio, haha. Alas, it is round, but gives me the ability to easily do setups. Much like a Turnip Skysdome, I can just plunk it down, and fill it with random stuff for the shots I need. Going to have lots of fun with this thing!

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Calling all Goths

Helena Stringer - IOF - Calling all Goths - 1

Hi, I am Helena, your Conductor for this evening. You don’t have a ticket? That is fine, we are handing out free tickets for the Ghost Train, with safe passage to the fairgrounds.

Grab your free Ticket and head on to the Fairgrounds now!

World Goth Fair has been going on strong in Second Life for a good while now. If you want to find out more information, you can check out the Official Site HERE.

World Goth Fair is not only about fashion, but has a very heavy music aspect. Please keep posted to the site, for the musical lineup during the duration of the event.

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Soooooooo…….You're Pierced, Eh?

posted by Gidge Uriza

This is a true life tale – inspired by the fashion in these photos. What you see is another DELICIOUS win from the SN@TCH lucky chair – AWESOME dress eh?

Once Upon A Time,

Dressed about like this….a young Gidge sat in a cavernous dark Goth Bar in Seattle with her boyfriend – the King of the Top Hat Wearing Goth boys.  The Biggest Scariest Goth Man (who at about 45 clearly lived in his Mom’s basement and worked at the Target by Day and was only out to scare the 20 somethings by the light of the moon) came strolling over to our dark and pensive corner to exchange angst with us.

During the course of the conversation, it is revealed that he’s sporting a Prince Albert piercing. In my dark and gloomy youth, I wasn’t aware of what that was, so I innocently asked what that meant.

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