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Countdown has a new cocktail dress with a snug strapless snakeskin bodice and a frothy, sheer full skirt. It is the perfect marriage of modern and traditional, hard and soft. I decided to tip the scales a bit adding a short, cropped white leather jacket from Coco.  Continue reading

Signs & Signifiers


I am wearing the “I See Your Jealousy” dress and jacket from Countdown. Look at the amazing texturing on the jacket which fit so well, I did not bother with the alpha. It demanded a stunning avant-garde hat and I dug this SL-vintage hat from Nardcotix out of the closet. Sadly it is no longer available, but you can find great hats in many places now. 

I got signs and signifiers that gossipers and liars
twist me every way they wanna go.

What looks like a raging fire are your dreams and desires
ending up like ashes on the ground.


Please note how the inner lining of the jacket is textured so it looks good from all directions.

If you’ll consider me a chance
to falter through a dance, 
then the other ones may just leave us alone.

I made a nearly sacred vow to never ever do without 
and be with you ‘til our time is running out.
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Who does not love a dress with a bit of illusion? Illusion is the sheer fabric that is often used to make clothes look like they are defying gravity. If well-matched to your skin, it is invisible and can be the structural support for bodices that appear to stand on their own or, as in this Action dress from Countdown, the base for garlands of beautiful embroidery and beading.




Even on a clear and warm May evening, I like something to throw over my shoulders in case I feel a chill. This stole from Sascha’s Designs that I dug out of my inventory is a perfect complement to the dress, it’s duotone color picking up the gold from the embroidery and the pink-tipped ends adding a slightly darker shade of the same pink as the dress, tying it together with the hat. Tinting my white gloves from 5th & Oxford (no longer available) to a pale gold helps emphasize the pink and gold theme.
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The Cure For Fashion Ennui Is FASHION WEEK

Shopping Therapy_003

Cajsa rousted me from my sloth by taking me to the Avenue Retail room, where the fashion houses of SL are putting for sale the items they’ve shown on the runways. As the room began to rez, directly in front of me stood a pink dream.

So I had to have it. Continue reading

Confessions: Lust


Today I am wearing the seventh of the Seven Sins Gacha skins from PXL Creations, Lust. In one of those strange moments of synchronicity, PXL’s Seven Sins was released at the same time as Buckcherry’s Confessions which includes their own version of the Seven Sins. Some of the songs work beautifully with the skins while others are more difficult. I thought these few lines from Lust by Buckcherry worked well for my photo set.

The night life is calling and now you have to go
Time for the hunter to find himself a doe
She knows you better, better than you know.


Right before Mardi Gras, Lost Angel released a fabulous pose prop called Carnival. It all begins with the red pillow and mask. Click it to rez a pose ball and enjoy the seven different poses each with its own mask that rezzes in position for your pose.
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Totum quod splendet


It’s true, all that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it is bronze, silver or platinum. And sometimes it is a bit of all at once as in this gorgeous top from Fashionably Dead. The peplum top is available at Collabor88 where the theme this month seems to be proving that glitter comes in every color. I dressed it up with the bottom of the Kamille dress from Countdown. One of the advantages of combining mesh with system layers, as Countdown has, is the ability to mix and match which makes me happy.
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After the Gold Rush


I wore this dress for the Grand Opening of CAE, the hottest new jewelry store in Second Life®. It’s flirty skirt is perfect for dancing. The fabric, with its layers of gold makes me think of handmade paper. With the metallic fabric and the exaggerated shoulders, it sort of reminds me of a suit of armor, which made me think of After the Gold Rush. 

Well, I dreamed I saw the knights
In armor coming,
Saying something about a queen.
There were peasants singing and
Drummers drumming
And the archer split the tree.
There was a fanfare blowing
To the sun
That was floating on the breeze.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.
Look at Mother Nature on the run
In the nineteen seventies.

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Countdown: Where Have You Been All My SLife?


Browsing through my contacts on Flickr the other day, I saw a batch of vendor ads from Countdown. They were so stunning, I didn’t just make a note to go check it out, but instead logged in right and snapped up a few of the dresses. Countdown is not new, but it is new to me and that makes me ask, “Countdown, where have you been all my SLife?”

Could there be designs more suited to draw me in? Look at the classic lines combined with the modern details like the sheer chevrons that embrace the belt and highlight the waist. The sheer elements at the neckline and waist flirt with sensuality, but never stray close to the line.

(Note to Designers: This is why you put vendor ads on Flickr.)

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