Gone But Not Forgotten Blogger Challenge


Today I am wearing Curio’s Chic New Wave skin. You still cannot buy this lovely youthful skin because the legal case is continuing to work its way through the system. Someone once said that justice is like a train that is always late.  While the “court of the internet” may have adjudicated this case, the court of law moves more slowly and months will pass in discovery and depositions and waiting to be scheduled into court calendars and the wheels will grind slowly.

But the wheels of Second Life spin faster. Stores that close are soon forgotten, buried in an alluvial plane created by the flood of new stores, new designers and new releases. The relentless flow of the new, new, new can overwhelm stores that are able to engage in SL commerce, so imagine how that will affect a store that has closed. If you search for Curio and SL, you don’t find Gala Phoenix’s beautiful skins, you find stories about the legal case.

So, I have a challenge, or perhaps a better term is a pledge. I pledge to wear and blog Curio skins at least twice a month, even though my readers cannot buy them right now. It’s not a lot, but if other bloggers who like the brand and have the skins can also take part, perhaps we can help combat the flood of forgetfulness, each post a little sandbag against the flood of time.

Of course, we all blog with varying frequency, so some may pledge more and some may pledge less, but I hope that those who can, will take this pledge. I would love to google Curio and SL and see pretty pictures and fun fashion posts again.


I don’t know what has me more excited, the gorgeous mesh leather skirts from Emery for FaMESHed or the fabulous cashmere mesh sweaters from Baiastice. Of course, putting them together in one outfit means I don’t have to choose. I love the bold abstract “tiger stripes” that accent the front of the skirt. The solid black back just adds to the graphic boldness of the design. As to the sweater, it’s cashmere, it’s soft, it’s delectable, it’s warm and it seems to go with anything and everything.

FaMESHed’s monthly showcase is always a rich place to hunt fabulous original mesh – and this month is no disappointment. Wasabi Pills produces a fun, youthful style which is their hallmark. Maxi Gossamer gives us a jewelry set including several necklace options, bracelets and earrings with multiple color options.


Then there are the equally fabulous new shoes from Kunglers. I have to be honest, when I unpacked these shoes, my eyes lit up. I love them. They have the quirky color blocking of bowling shoes with the chic shape of stiletto ankle boots. They come in three color options, including black and white, and are one of the most exciting shoe releases in a long time.

Store info at Blogging Second Life
Poses: Lost Angel
Skin: Curio Chic New Wave – Petal
Eyes: Poetic Colors
Lashes: Lelutka/Maitreya
Hair: Wasabi Pills Izumi FAMESHED
Clothing: Baiastice Cashmere Mesh Turtleneck
Emery Mesh Skirt Allende – Berry FAMESHED
Shoes: Kunglers Ankle Boot Candy
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Valencia

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