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Guest Stylist Victoria Sabra is a plurk friend of me and my husband Silo and I was excited to see her pop in wearing a classic gown from Evie’s closet. 

Evie’s Closet rocks my socks.

I thought her ballet length mix and match of the Isabella from Evie’s closet was perfect for trick riding, and had to make her a circus queen. Not the cowboy kind. The lost Russian Princess kind.

If you’ve never been to a cheesy American circus – the reference is lost – sorry!

The shtick is always that she escaped from MOTHER RUSSIA wearing this lovely ballgown with only her intimate knowledge of HORSE TRAINING to help her survive in the world.

Because Russian Princesses are expert horse trainers. Everyone knows that. 😛

Ok ok ok ok. I’m a dork for even having been to such a cheesy circus I know.

But thank you to Victoria for this elegantly styled and surpremely inspiring look. I had a ball shooting it. You look MAHVELOUS DAHLING!

Style Notes

  • Skin – TULI – Gina 06 from The Dressing Room
  • Hair – Tukinowaguma – Tweedy – Ebony (must go buy)
  • Eyes – Cabochon Eyes SP – Ajisai from FTL
  • Lashes – NoAlpha Lashes_Pokerface from Miamai
  • Nails – Prim nail*Secret forest*Blue from Love Soul
  • Dress – Evie’s Closet – Isabella – Silver blue

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