Experimenting With Your Eyes

posted by Gidge Uriza

Okay soooooooo……ummmmmmm. Cajsa is teaching me to shoot pics here in SL. I’ve been experimenting over on Freestyle with this for a while but Cajsa said “You should shoot for the blog sometimes” and I was like GULP!

It feels a little weird.  

I wouldn’t expect it to become a regular thing – cuz I love waiting for the results of our shoots to show up in my flickr acct- so SEE what Cajsa has created with my outfits. Sometimes she captures stuff I had no idea was there, so I’d miss that if I started acting like I was a photographer.

Cuz I’m not one.

While I’m experimenting with your eyes I’m also experimenting with MY eyes, trying out some Stone Eyes from EarthStones – in Amethyst.   I’ve worn the SAME eyes basically for two years, FNKY’s Purple Rain and well, I WANT to stay in purple but a little variety is good. So I was excited to see that these FIT me and look great.

At EarthStones you can find a free pair of these to try on for size in Turquoise – you can see the color of them here in this post. 

Hmmm, these pictures aren’t square.

I’m almost done with this post! DANGIT! Ok, look forward to SQUARE pictures next time!  I’ll add that skill to my repertoire next time I shoot.

Good grief rookie……..

Fashion Details


  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Preview Skin from Diversity – Available Now 1st for Diversity Hair for FREE
  • Eyes – EarthStones- Amethyst Stoned Eyes – Vivid
  • Dress – Bubble Dress from Don’t Ask – Zenith Designs
  • Earrings – Dark Mouse

4 thoughts on “Experimenting With Your Eyes

  1. Harper

    You did good! Composition and editing can be learned, and you have an excellent teacher. Don’t worry about apologizing.

  2. tesajewell

    I think you did great! It’s a constant learning, I think even the best photographers still see flaws in their work. I wouldn’t have known these pictures to be noob shots if you didn’t say so. Great job Gidge 🙂

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