Sea Shepherdess

I wouldn’t be a very good shepherdess. First of all because sheep stink to hell. I used to spend time in the winter in far northern Minnesota with my cousins, who had a huge sheep farm. It would be freezing cold like nothing I’ve ever known. My cousins would put fireplace warmed bricks at the feet of our beds, wrapped in towels, to keep our feet warm and warm up the sheets.
Our nightgowns would be hung before the fire before we put them on, also to warm them up.

What I can remember most vividly from those winter days though, was that biting first breath of air as you opened the back door to go outside, your nostrils nearly freezing shut – and the unbelievable stink of sheep.
How anything can smell that bad when it’s cold enough for human skin to freeze in minutes is beyond me.

So, no, not even in my Second Life would I make a good shepherdess. But it was fun to shoot these pixel sheep. Because they don’t smell!

The skin is the amazingly kissable Claire from TULI with a freckle layer (also from Tuli) added. New hair from Exile is one of my fave new Up-Dos btw!

Your Shopping List:
Shape – Gidge – Savoir Faire
Skin – Tuli – Claire – Sunkissed – 04 Jinx
Freckles – Tuli – Medium
Hair – Exile – Evangeline – Coffee
Dress – House of Fox DressAtSea for Chic Limited
Boots – Lassitude & Ennui – Thecla – Sea
Eyes – Poetic Color – Coffee at Night – FFL – Gacha
Eyelashes – Chaisuki


Shot on location at Alchemy Immortalis. No I don’t have the slurl. Search is your friend.

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