What Goes With Pig Ear Glasses?

…anything I want.

Elusyve and I got various fun glasses at Kik the other night and my own favorite are the pig ear glasses.
I used to have an aunt who was forever buying me shirts and sweatshirts with farm animals on them.
I’m not sure why she thought I would want or would wear such a thing.
But, if she’d have come up with pig ear glasses, that’d have been a win.

The top is from DeeTalez and the hair is from SHAG and BOTH are avail at the CHIC LIMITED even which is still going on AND OMG why haven’t you gone yet?
I’m also wearing some of my favorite boots from GOS. I didn’t realize these had nail polish on the hud until today YAY.

I’m easily entertained, sorry.

Now if you will excuse me, me and my pig ear glasses have the sick and must to bed!

Your shopping list for this shoot includes:

Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – baiastice pulchra – porcelaine – Makeup 28
hair – SHAG – Songbird for chid Limited – starlight with feathers
Top – DeeTalez – Top Chic Special Mint 5
Pants – Zaara – Ishay Velour Slacks
Boots – GOS – DARE Boots
necklace – Dark Mouse – Nouveau Wave Necklace
Glasses – Kik – gacha megane pig ear
nails – sn@tch –
lashes – Amacci eyelash tattoo 5 and 6

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